There are few old-world companies still on the market today that have stood the tests of time. Plasencia Cigars has been around since 1865 when Don Eduardo Plasencia first grew tobacco in Cuba. The company then brought more family members on to rise through the ranks. In 1920 Plasencia’s nephew expanded their export capabilities allowing them to continue growing.

In 1963 Castro’s Regimen confiscated the family’s operations, which lead to them fleeing Cuba, and eventually landing in Nicaragua. At this point, no one believed premium cigar tobacco existed outside of Cuba, but many had no choice but to go against the grain and try their hardest.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of the Plasencia Families troubles. Years later, their farm in Nicaragua was burned down, amidst political troubles, causing them to again flee, this time to Honduras. As time passed the family was able to reopen a Nicaragua factory, years later, in 1990. While also operating their Honduras farm.

Plasencia has deep rooted ties to both countries and has helped them create the Cosecha 146 and 149. The Cosecha 146 is a cigar that uses tobacco from their 146th crop, from both farms in Nicaragua and Honduras. While the Cosecha 149 uses tobacco from their 149th crop and is a true Honduran Puro.

It is hard to pick favorites when a company crafts such well made cigars. Luxury Cigar Club highlights the Alma Fuerte, a Nicaraguan Puro, for their finest full-bodied cigar. Followed by the smooth, and medium bodied, Alma Del Campo, for those who enjoy a milder experience.

Plasencia also crafts true Unicorns. Their Year of the Tiger is an exceptionally rare cigar that is limited to 2,500 total arriving in the United States.

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