Arturo Fuente

Arturo Fuente Cigars currently produces cigars in the beautiful Dominican Republic. As of the writing of this Fuente has begun work on a new very much anticipated factory in the Nicaragua. The Fuente name was not always what it is today. In 1912 a 24 year old Cuban immigrant named Arturo Fuente founded A. Fuente & Co. after immigrating from Cuba to the United States in 1902. At its inception the Fuente factory was one of many located in Tampa Florida using imported Cuban tobacco to make cigars. Eventually the brand was moved out of the United States, and the Arturo Fuente that we know today began production. 

A. Fuente Cigars produces many cigars that are internationally recognized, and are a very trusted source of supply for those of you that are Unicorn Hunters. They are famous for their Opus X, BBMF, and Rare Blacks. The Fuente core line should not be ignored, producing several cigars that land on the daily smoking list of many smokers like the Don Carlos, Curly Head, and Casa Cuba. 

The Fuente Opus X and other limited edition Opus cigars are extremely limited in production. If you are looking for a chance to purchase Opus X please make sure that you are subscribed to both our email list, as well as our text club.

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