ADVentura is more than just a brand with cigars in their portfolio. Each cigar details a story between two explorers, ADVentura and McKay, both fictional characters exploring the New World in 1490.

Each cigar in their line up is part of the story line, from the Explorer to the Conqueror.

ADVentura uses a variety of tobacco that is not typically used in your average cigar. Started by Henderson Ventura and Marcel Knobel. Knobel is a sommelier from Switzerland who dabbles in coffee and retail.

Ventura is the son of William Ventura, and runs Tabacalera William Ventura alongside his brother, Weber. All three of them have been in the industry for almost their whole lives.

ADVentura makes a wide variety of cigars that span all profiles and flavors. If you are searching for a Connecticut wrapped cigar, look no further than the ADVentura Queen’s Pearls, covered in an Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf, bound with an Ecuadorian leaf, and filled with tobacco from Ecuador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. This cigar is medium bodied, bursting with notes of cream, crackers, and wood.

The follow up to the last line, is King's Gold, a cigar on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Covered in a rustic Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, bound in Mexican San Andres. And filled with tobacco from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and USA. This cigar is bold and brings a treasure trove of flavors.

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