Crowned Heads

Crowned Heads was founded by Jon Huber, a man who fell in love with tobacco by simply entering a cigar shop in search of a gift. Knowing then, what he wanted to do, he would search for a way to get his foot in the smoke-filled door.

After working at CAO for many years, it was to be sold to a new set of owners and relocated from the place he had come to love, Nashville, Tennessee. Huber decided it was time to start a company that brought the love back to cigar making process.

Crowned Heads was formed with a handful of his closest friends and former members of CAO. From there, they set out and enlisted the help of EP Carrillo, and the rest is history.

Crowned Heads produces a wide array of regular and limited production blends. Their Mil Dias line is a hugely popular cigar, that took over 1,000 days to perfect, which has branched off to receive a few limited-edition releases.

If you are a fan of Mexican San Andres wrapper leaves, the Juarez and Jericho Hill line is a great option, available in numerous vitolas.

Huber takes Inspiration from music of all genres to name Crowned Heads vitolas and lines. From Four Kicks, taken from a King’s of Leon song to Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin and more. Crowned Heads is for the people, if you’re a seasoned aficionado, or new to the scene, there is a blend for you.

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