Illusione Cigars is a prolific boutique coming out of Reno, Nevada. Founded by Dion Giolito in the 2000’s as an outlet to express his creative desire to blend his own cigars.

Giolito was no stranger to tobacco, as he was the owner of a cigar retail store for many years. Illusione has a distinct flavor profile, although spreading across a wide variety of blends, both regular and limited production.

Illusione’s profile comes from Giolito’s love for Nicaraguan cigars before the country’s revolution in the 1970’s. Giolito took it upon himself to bring back the glory, unique flavors, and experience of this tobacco. Using predominately Nicaraguan varietals of criollo and corojo to craft his cigars.

Illusione has attracted a cult-like following based off their extremely consistent blends, ranging from mild to full profile. Illusione makes a few exceptional cigars wrapped in a Dominican Candela capa, most notably the 88 Candela from their Original Documents line. If you’ve researched old-world Cuban brands, the name OneOff might sound familiar. OneOff is a brand that had been around many years but could not survive the various cigar booms that occurred in history. But Dion’s love for that vintage flavor, brought him to reestablish it.

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Illusione Allegria
From $40.78 - $277.75
Illusione Epernay
From $42.42 - $424.20
Sold Out
Illusione OneOff
From $63.13 - $185.84
Sold Out
Illusione Singulare
From $65.65 - $219.17
Illusione Rothchildes
From $32.83 - $385.30
Illusione Candela
From $53.03 - $290.38
Illusione Garagiste
From $46.97 - $234.32
Illusione OP Ultra
From $46.97 - $287.88
Illusione ECCJ
From $63.63 - $189.88
Illusione Original Documents
From $40.91 - $304.53
Illusione Cruzado
From $46.97 - $238.36
Illusione Fume d'Amour
From $40.91 - $409.05
Illusione OneOff +53
From $136.36 - $352.50
Illusione Haut 10
From $83.33 - $235.13
Sold Out
Illusione Le Grande Classe
From $32.83 - $164.15