Old World Cuban cigars have been in high demand for a long time. The call is rarely answered, until now.

In 2012 A Man Named Nelson Alfonso started a company called Selected Tobacco. The cigars are made in Costa Rica and use a very unique “Marrying” process that is rarely used anywhere else.

Atabey is the big brother of the Selected Tobaccos line, the “Crown Jewel”. Each cigar is rolled, then aged for a minimum of 5 years before they are ready for the market to receive. After being rolled each cigar rests in a variable humidity aging room, where the cigars are subjected to numerous changes. Allowing the cigars to swell, and shrink, over and over, causing them to marry unlike any other brand.

Each vitola is named after a spiritual ceremony that were celebrated by the Taino Indians. Atabey has over 10 vitolas, from petite lanceros to powerhouses like the Benditos. Their blends are semi-undisclosed, using an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, with undisclosed binders and fillers.

Atabey is also named after the Taino Indians, a tribe of people who resided in the Caribbean Islands. Atabey is the Mother Goddess who stands for the moon, fertility, and birth.

The Cigar Authority has awarded multiple sizes of the line a prestigious 100 rating.

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