Perfec Cigar Solutions

Perfec’s Story: 

As an R&D scientist of 44 years, it’s natural for Rod to look for a solution to any problem or frustration he encounters. And having a strong background in the sciences and mechanical engineering helps. Rod’s venture into the field of creating innovative cigar accessories all stared with a couple frustrations that quite simply drove him nuts! 

One of his favorite cigars, the Cuban Montecristo No. 2, is a tapered cigar. When smoking a tapered cigar, Rod doesn’t like to cut much off the tip. But he kept grappling with extreme tightness of the draw with that particular cigar. It was like trying to suck air through a brick. This necessitated cutting more and more and more off the tapered tip until the taper was mostly gone. And often the wrapper then started to unravel. It was extremely frustrating! 

Favoring a somewhat lighter draw resistance, Rod found that he often encountered cigars with a firmer draw than he ideally preferred. Rolling the cigar between his fingers in attempt to loosen the draw often met with cracks in the wrapper of those cigars, causing air leaks on the sides of the cigars. And of course, cigars being as fragile as they are, we all sometimes encounter cracks and little holes resulting in air leaks.

After an exhaustive search for an effective draw tool and a cigar glue & crack sealer, Rod found pretty much zilch! Nothing on the market seemed to work. At this point, in Rod’s view, the gauntlet had been thrown down. It was all-out war against these two frustrations. 

This led Rod to create what later came to be known as the PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair. These products now have multiple patents, including each having a utility patent.

Creating Perfec Cigar Solutions, inc. was something that Rod decided to do simply for fun. His goal is to create unique and innovative cigar accessories that each address frustrations cigar lovers often encounter. 

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