Another offering from Nelson Alfonso welcome to Bandolero. While Bandolero is the most affordable offering from Selected Tobaccos, it is also the cigar from the maker that delivers the most value. Like the other two lines from Nelson and Selected, Bandolero also is aged for two to three years after it has been rolled. This is known as post roll age. The Bandolero brand has several blends and sizes within it, all of them are well balanced, and delicious. There is something for everyone in this brand.

Some of our favorites at Luxury Cigar Club are the Bandolero Serie A, and the Bandolero Serie C. Both of these cigars boast that wonderful post roll age, and deliver such a wonder smoking experience, and affordable prices. Some of these sizes could be smoked daily and it will not break the bank.

Some that smoke Bandolero often even suggest that they are extremely similar to Liga Privada.

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Bandolero Serie T
From $75.75 - $454.50
Sold Out
Bandolero Serie A
From $58.58 - $343.40
Sold Out
Bandolero Serie C
From $77.77 - $454.50