El Septimo

El Septimo is a name cited in exclusive groups and is a brand followed by faithful lovers who can find it in 22 cities worldwide. Today, El Septimo offers a collection of 30 brands that provide a range of experiences to its clientele. Although, at this time mainly enjoyed by selective groups in Europe, El Septimo plans to expand to the U.S. markets later this year.

You can find El Septimo at George V (Paris), Gérard (Geneva), Davidoff or Annabel’s (London), Cipriani (Dubai), and other leading retailers, clubs, and lounges. Others will be joining soon, along with partnerships such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Goodwood Festival, and the Rolls-Royce golf tournament in Dubai.

“Why the name El Septimo?”
Well, Zaya Younan, the owner, wondered that same when he first time he smoked an El Septimo Cigar.
El Septimo symbolizes the seventh day of creation in which God rested and appreciated His work, representing the joy and privilege of living and being here, in this exact moment.

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