El Septimo

There are many cigar companies out there that have a large footprint outside of the USA. When talking about long, and well-established brands, El Septimo might not be thought of as a contender. However, they have been producing ultra-premium cigars since 2005, and were sold in the UAE and across Europe. They originally were started in France, but quickly relocated to Switzerland.

El Septimo typically make larger ring gauge cigars, so that the rollers can use entire leaves to craft the filler. Each premium long-filler cigar is hand rolled in Costa Rica, where their expert rollers take pride in their craftsmanship, dedication, and attention to detail.

With over 40 different blends, there are cigars for every level of aficionado. The Alexandra Collection is blended specifically to appeal to the palate of the female cigar enthusiast. Followed by the Gilgamesh Collection, housing a Luxury Cigar Club favorite, the Aqua Anu, a Costa Rican Puro that is oily and flavorful.

If you are looking to try El Septimo’s cigars, but don’t know where to start, you can look into their Saint Andrew’s sampler. It features 14 cigars across 7 blends in a variety of vitolas and blends!

El Septimo is not just a cigar company, they also have a vast collection of accessories, from humidors, to lighters, and ashtrays.

To learn about all things El Septimo, read our blog post!

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El Septimo Luxus Orange
From $70.70 - $1,414.00
El Septimo Luxus Blue
From $111.10 - $606.00
El Septimo Luxus Pink
From $80.80 - $323.20
El Septimo Luxus Amarillo
From $121.20 - $525.20
El Septimo Luxus Green
From $90.90 - $404.00
El Septimo Luxus White
From $66.66 - $888.80
El Septimo Luxus Black
From $163.62 - $1,090.80