Foundation Cigars may be a newer company, but their roots go much farther back than it’s 2015 launch suggests. Founded by Nicholas Melillo, Melillo was employed at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, based out of Nicaragua. He has more than 20 years of experience in the tobacco industry. Foundation has a few simple principles, use only the finest tobacco they can source, and utilize the finest artisans to craft very reliable and consistent cigars. Melillo has been credited as “The King of Broadleaf”, his Tabernacle Broadleaf and Tabernacle Havana Seed 142 blends certainly back up the claim. Foundation uses different factories for a majority of his line, but he continues to verify each blend, and make adjustments to provide an ultra-premium experience, every time.

Foundation is no stranger to high awards and praise; they have earned 90+ ratings across almost their entire portfolio. From their ever-reliable Charter Oak line, featured in Shade, Broadleaf, and Habano, wrappers. To their debut line, El Gueguense, a Nicaraguan Puro that proudly honors the people of the country. If you like a variety of cigars, Foundation is a brand you must check out. Be sure to subscribe to Luxury Cigar Club’s Text Club to be notified when we create limited samplers featuring Foundation.

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