Casa 1910

Casa 1910 focuses on premium, long filler, hand rolled cigars, that showcases Mexico’s glory. Most aficionados are familiar with Mexican San Andres tobacco, used in almost all parts of a cigar. But Casa 1910 plans on bringing a new set of varietals to Mexico’s cigar arsenal. Their debut cigar, the Casa 1910 Cuchillos Parados is a 5x50 robusto that uses entirely new Mexican tobacco. This cigar uses a three-year-aged Sumatran seed wrapper, with binder and fillers being varietals of the San Andres seed. Each binder and filler leaf are aged for 5 years.

The result is an ultra-creamy, rich, cigar that is perfect for enthusiasts from all walks, and a delightful cigar to enjoy with a cup of coffee or a low proof whiskey.

The name of the cigar is referencing a city that is in Chihuahua, the state is famous for starting the Mexican Revolution, and 1910, in reference to that as well.

Casa 1910 was newly announced at the Las Vegas tradeshow, PCA in 2021. Little is known about Casa 1910 in terms of who is behind it, other than their master blender, Manolo Santiago. He is best known as the former marketing manager of the Mexican distributor of Habanos S.A.

Grown in Mexico and hand-rolled in Mexico.

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