Esteban Disla might be the most famous cigar factory manager.

Disla is a co-owner of the Fabrica de Tabacos NicaSueño S.A. factory, which is best known for producing RoMa Craft Tobac cigars. Last year, Disla got a cigar of his own, though it’s oddly not sold through RoMa Craft Tobac.

It’s called Guáimaro, a name that has its origins—like so many other things in the cigar world—in Cuba. Disla’s mother worked for Serigo Cuevas in the Dominican Republic at the Tabacalera Cuevas & Hermanos factory. He and his brother, Raul—who is the factory manager at NACSA—worked as young kids and later adults for Cuevas. In 1997, they moved with Cuevas to Nicaragua to the Nica Habano factory. Disla would then become the chief of production at Latin Cigars S.A., the factory that produced CAO and Toraño cigars and is now known as STG Estelí." - Halfwheel

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