Caldwell cigars is a large boutique company that puts out a wide portfolio of regular and limited production cigars. Robert Caldwell is the well-traveled owner of Caldwell, who likes to poke fun at industry norms. He names most of his vitolas odd names while having fun at the same time. With names like Petite Double Wide Short Churchill and The Cypress Room. Each blend offers something different, and then taking a step further, creating limited spin offs that are a whole new cigar than its predecessors.

Caldwell focuses on both inexpensive and ultra-premium cigars. Their Anastasia Anejado line was rolled at the same time as their first release of Anastasia but would be released 8 years later. The Anastasia follows up The Last Tsar.

If you’re searching for a reliable everyday cigar, the Blind Man’s Bluff is the one for you. With a Connecticut, Habano, Maduro, and now a Nicaraguan blend, there is something for all enthusiasts.

They also offer exquisite hybrid seed variants, like the Eastern Standard. It uses a hybrid Brazilian and Connecticut plant to bring you the creamiest cigar out there.

If you are new to boutique cigars, Caldwell is a great place to start.

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