Casdagli cigars formerly known as Bespoke cigars, is a Luxury Cigar Club favorite. Casdagli is one of the most interesting and consistent boutique brands on the market. Sold across the world Casdagli is famous for their high level of consistency and flavor. Some of the line is produced at one of our favorite cigar factories in the Dominican Republic, Kelner Boutique Factory, and blended by its master blender Hendrick Kelner.

Since its inception Casdagli cigars has offered a premium cigar line packed with tradition, history, and quality. Some of our favorite cigars come from this wonderful brand portfolio. The worthiest of mention are Villa Casdagli produced in Costa Rica at the Vegas Santiago factory. The Daughters of the Wind another wonderful blend from Casdagli this cigar is a tribute to some of the most valued Arabian racehorses in the world. Our favorite cigar from them is the Casdagli Traditional Line Cotton Tail. This size is a wonder and is absolutely packed with flavor.

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Casdagli Villa Casdagli
From $63.13 - $193.92
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Casdagli Traditional Line
From $60.60 - $382.00
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Casdagli Daughters of the Wind
From $110.00 - $336.00
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Casdagli Basilica C
From $68.50 - $372.00
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Casdagli Gran Mareva Gold
From $56.56 - $339.36
Casdagli Cabinet Selection
From $52.00 - $550.00
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Casdagli Basilica A
From $93.00 - $372.00
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Casdagli Gran Mareva
From $70.00 - $432.00