Mexican San Andres

Mexican San Andres is a Maduro Leaf. Used for wrappers, binders, and fillers, it is known for its thick and sweet flavor profile.

San Andres is most similar in flavor to Connecticut Broadleaf. Grown in elevations around 4,000 feet, off of the Gulf of Mexico, the valley’s climate is cool, has lots of fresh water, humid air, and volcanic soil, which makes for exceptional tobacco growing conditions.

San Andres leaf is thick, elastic, and can withstand longer fermentation times, making it a great contender for Maduro wrappers.

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United Cigars Maduro
From $35.35 - $181.80
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Foundation Olmec Maduro
From $63.13 - $193.92
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Foundation Olmec Claro
From $63.13 - $193.92
Room 101 Farce Maduro
From $34.85 - $280.80
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La Flor Dominicana La Volcada
From $48.48 - $274.72
ATL Black
From $62.61 - $282.76
El Maestro Maduro
From $60.60 - $131.30
Warped Companion de Warped
From $60.60 - $303.00
Somm BDX
From $65.65 - $151.50