Brick House

Brick House Cigars is a beloved brand in the cigar industry, renowned for its rich history, exceptional craftsmanship, and timeless blends. With roots that trace back to 1895, Brick House has stood the test of time, offering enthusiasts a classic smoking experience that embodies tradition and quality.

Among their best-selling cigars, Brick House offers a selection of memorable blends. The Brick House Classic Mighty Mighty and the Brick House Maduro have become fan favorites. The Mighty Mighty showcases a medium to full-bodied profile with notes of cedar, cocoa, and spice, while the Maduro boasts a bolder taste with hints of dark chocolate, espresso, and sweetness.

The history of Brick House is intertwined with the storied legacy of the JC Newman Cigar Company. The brand was revitalized in 2009 as a tribute to J.C. Newman's childhood home, which was a humble brick house. Today, Brick House remains under the Newman family's guidance, ensuring that the brand's dedication to quality and tradition endures.

With a connection to JC Newman, Brick House Cigars upholds the family's commitment to excellence. Each Brick House cigar is a testament to their century-long pursuit of exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering passion for producing memorable smoking experiences.

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Brick House Classic
From $28.79 - $231.05
Brick House Maduro
From $40.40 - $231.05