Prometheus derives its name from Greek mythology. Founded in 1992 by Keith Park, they strove to create the finest cigar accessories on the market.

Originally a company that exclusively sold lighters, they quickly branched out to ashtrays, humidors and more accessories. After a few years they decided to branch out even further to cigars for the most dedicated enthusiasts.

In 2003 Keith Park sat down with Carlito Fuente and the rest is history. Prometheus offered Carlito a way to sell his already impossible to find OpusX cigars. The idea was simple, take your already aged cigars, put them in exquisite boxes, and let us sell them for you.

Carlito agreed but wanted the profits to help their charity in the Dominican Republic. The result was the Heaven and Earth series, containing ultra-rare and aged OpusX cigars, like Rare Black, Purple Rain, Scorpio Maduro, and more. Also allowing for Prometheus’ God of Fire line, including blends from Carlito and Don Carlos.

Each cigar provides an ultra-premium experience, ranging from mild to full bodied. There is a cigar for everyone.

Prometheus is also proud to offer companies like Angelenos and Sencillo.

If you are a cigar collector or a unicorn hunter, these cigars are a must have for your humidors and special occasions.

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