La Palina

La Palina has been around since 1896. Founded by Samuel Paley, a Ukrainian entrepreneur. Despite Chicago Illinois having some 300 odd factories in the city, Paley figured another factory wouldn’t hurt. As most do, Sam started working at other factories, learning what he needed before starting Congress Cigar Factory, in 1896. La Palina started producing cigars of all blends and vitolas, with production reaching up to one million cigars each day.  

Unfortunately, La Palina could not survive the Great Depression, and went to the wayside. Until 2010, when Bill Paley revied the brand. Their cigars started out very costly, manufactured in the Bahamas, but after a few years they relocated factories. Now their cigars are produced at a few factories, most notably El Titan de Bronze in Miami, Florida.

La Palina is no stranger to received great praise and high ratings from many top publications. Their most sought-after line, La Palina Goldie is rolled in Miami, Florida and was rolled exclusively by Marie Sierra until 2017.

La Palina makes cigars for all budgets and profiles, their Classic Maduro line is an exceptional, inexpensive, cigar that is wrapped in an oily Honduras capa.

If you’re looking for an ultra premium cigar, look no further than the very limited 125 Anos, completely undisclosed cigar, bursting with flavors. Followed by the cigar to pay homage to Sam Paley, the Mr. Sam.

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La Palina Bronze Label
From $60.60 - $242.40
La Palina Illumination
From $53.03 - $232.32
Sold Out
La Palina Classic Natural
From $30.30 - $131.30
La Palina KB Series
From $37.88 - $348.48
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La Palina Black Label
From $45.45 - $181.80
La Palina Classic Maduro
From $32.83 - $141.40
Sold Out
La Palina Silver Label
From $50.50 - $202.00
Sold Out
La Palina Classic Connecticut
From $39.14 - $165.65
Sold Out
La Palina Blue Label
From $45.45 - $181.80
La Palina 1948 Limited Edition
From $111.10 - $262.60
La Palina Classic Rosado
From $40.40 - $161.60