Cigar humidors are specialized storage containers designed to maintain the ideal humidity level for cigars. These compact and often luxurious boxes play a crucial role in preserving the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of cigars.

Cigars are delicate and sensitive to environmental conditions, particularly humidity. Too much moisture can cause them to become moldy, while insufficient humidity can dry them out, leading to a loss of flavor and a harsh smoking experience. Humidors provide a controlled environment by utilizing a humidification system, typically including a hygrometer and a humidifying device, such as a humidification unit like Cigar Oasis, a sponge, or Boveda humidification packets.

The maintenance of proper humidity levels within a humidor, usually around 65-75%, ensures that cigars age gracefully, allowing their flavors and aromas to develop over time. The humidor's typical cedar lining also contributes to the aging process by imparting subtle woody notes to the cigars.

Moreover, cigar enthusiasts value the ritualistic aspect of cigar smoking, and owning a humidor is an essential part of this passion. A well-maintained humidor not only protects the investment made in acquiring premium cigars but also provides a sense of pride and sophistication. 

Cigar humidors are indispensable for any cigar connoisseur, as they offer a controlled environment that safeguards the quality and character of cigars, ultimately enhancing the overall smoking experience.

Luxury Cigar Club is proud to work with the best names in the humidification business, from top-of-the-line electronic humidors like Raching and Tepcool, to classic desktop humidors from El Septimo, Colibri, Elie Bleu, and more!

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