Warped was founded in 2007 by Kyle Gellis. He didn’t grow up in the business, but that didn’t stop him from finding his calling early on in life. As a child he would learn from his father, an avid cigar enthusiast, about what he was enjoying, and qualities of the cigar he wasn’t found of. Gellis would pick out his father’s cigar and take joy in being able to cut it for him, then sit by and let him talk about it.

Warped is a company that takes pride in where their cigars are made. They use only the best factories, while still choosing small, boutique factories that work well with the company’s vision. Warped uses El Titan de Bronze to make a handful of lines in their portfolio, from El Oso to rarer cigars like La Colmena, and limited edition takes like El Oso Blanco or Black Honey.

Warped tends to lean towards a mild to medium bodied experience using Nicraguan tobacco, with lines like the Corto and Gran Reserva 1988 (GR88). They released a Dominican Puro, called Chinchalle in 2021 that was received very well, while proving they can make a great cigar outside their norm. Followed up by a Mexican San Andres wrapped, Companion de Warped, both which were made in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera la Isle.

Newly released in 2022, Nicotina, that Gellis would designate as a full bodied, which is a nice addition to Warped’s otherwise lighter bodied portfolio.

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Warped Devil's Hands
From $58.08 - $290.40
Warped Cloud Hopper
From $39.15 - $404.00
Warped Companion de Warped
From $60.60 - $242.40
Warped Nicotina
From $60.60 - $303.00
Sold Out
Warped Chinchalle
From $63.13 - $315.63
Warped La Hacienda
From $47.98 - $277.75
Warped Moon Garden Especial
From $80.80 - $323.20
Warped Maestro del Tiempo
From $56.77 - $1,262.50
Warped La Colmena
From $98.48 - $196.96
Warped Flor Del Valle
From $60.60 - $303.00
Warped Futuro Suprema
From $53.03 - $212.10
Warped Corto
From $50.45 - $252.26
Warped Corto X52
From $58.08 - $290.40
Venture 1492 San Andres
From $50.50 - $252.50