Deadwood Tobacco Co.

Deadwood Tobacco Co. are behind a handful of blends that are well known for their unique infusion process. These cigars aren’t just for beginners, they are blended to appeal to almost all enthusiasts, anyone who likes a sweet and savory cigar.

Deadwood came from Drew Estate, originally as a shop exclusive but due to popular demand the cigar was produced in larger quantities and sold to Drew Estate accounts.

Sweet Jane and Fat Bottom Betty were Deadwood’s first releases, they both feature similar blends, with Fat Bottom Betty being fuller bodied, geared towards more seasoned aficionados. Each cigar is covered in a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with Nicaraguan insides. Sweet Jane is available in their typically 24 count boxes, and a handful of vitolas. Fat Bottom Betty is available in bite sized boxes of 10.

After their widespread, highly sought-after release Deadwood brought Crazy Alice and Leather Rose to the party. Leather Rose wears an undisclosed maduro capa, over an undisclosed binder and filler blend. Buy don’t let that fool you, there are flavors-a-plenty to find when enjoying one. Grab a box of a 5 pack and see for yourself!

If you are a fan of the sweeter thing’s life has to offer, Deadwood is a must try. These cigars are enjoyed by enthusiasts of all walks and have received critical acclaim from all over.

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Deadwood Leather Rose
From $38.25 - $224.26
Deadwood Sweet Jane
From $20.40 - $238.68
Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty
From $54.83 - $127.50
Deadwood Crazy Alice
From $43.35 - $86.70