Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is the brainchild of Steve Saka. Their cigars use a wide variety of tobacco from all over the world. Dunbarton lives by the saying “Puros Sin Compromiso”, meaning cigars without compromise. They take pride in acquiring the finest leaves, while also having exclusive rights to select seeds & tobacco, such as a Dunbarton favorite, the Cultivo Tonto San Andres Negro.

Steve Saka is no stranger to tobacco; he has been in the industry well over 2 decades and worked for some large names. However, Saka decided it was time to branch off and create his own brand in 2015.

Dunbarton choose two Nicaraguan factories to hand roll his cigars, Joya de Nicaragua S.A., and Nicaragua American Cigar S.A. Each factory has a select group of rollers that Saka himself has vetted to exclusively roll Dunbarton’s cigars.

At first glance, you might find Dunbarton to offer full bodied cigars, but they have a variety of options for all cigar enthusiast. If you are a fan of hard to find, limited edition blends, Muestra de Saka has a few options for you. From Nacatamale, Unstolen Valor, and #NLMTHA, each of these come in 7 count boxes, individually packed in coffins. They also offer smooth, light bodied cigars, Sobremsa Brulee Blue is an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapped cigar that is a fan favorite.

Dunbarton, while only sourcing the finest tobacco, also offers an exceptional value brand Umbagog, in a handful of vitolas. If you deem yourself a “Unicorn Hunter” Muestra de Saka offers the Unicorn blend, a cigar Saka spared no cost of blending, perfect for those special occasions!

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