Room 101

Room 101 Cigars is a brand that needs very little introduction, but, if this is the first time you have heard about Room 101 and Matt Booth, or you have heard of the brand and Matt, but know very little about them here is a brief introduction. Matt Booth started his career with Davidoff, and quickly developed a small boutique brand that has taken the world by storm. Room 101 has a cult like following, and it’s cult leader Matt Booth is part of the reason for that. Not to mention the wide, high quality, and amazing selection of premium hand rolled cigars which you can purchase here online at Luxury Cigar Club.

Some of our favorite Room 101 Cigars offerings are the Farce Maduro and the Big Payback Maduro, but we are especially excited about the custom and exclusive projects that Luxury Cigar Club is proud to have. The first is Johnny Tobacconaut, which IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW. The second is Snake Shake, a custom project created for Luxury Cigar Club by Room 101 and Matt Booth, and made at AJ Fernandez. Keep your eyes open for more amazing work coming from this partnership!

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Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut
From $45.45 - $222.20
Sold Out
Room 101 Daruma Limited Edition
From $65.60 - $131.20
Sold Out
Matt Booth Prototipo 101
From $55.55 - $111.10
Sold Out
Room 101 10th Anniversary
From $50.50 - $202.00
Sold Out
Sold Out
Room 101 Big Payback Nicaragua
From $35.00 - $319.60
Room 101 Farce Maduro
From $34.85 - $280.80
Sold Out
Room 101 Farce
From $57.07 - $280.80
Sold Out
Sold Out
Room 101 Miami Snow
From $37.88 - $151.52
Room 101 Hit & Run
From $65.65 - $290.80
Room 101 The Big Payback 70s
From $45.40 - $272.40
Room 101 Farce Connecticut
From $52.02 - $250.48
Room 101 Farce Nicaragua
From $58.50 - $278.00
Sold Out
Room 101 Muzzle Loader
From $38.13 - $152.52