Room 101 Doomsayer Aggressive Maduro Super Toro

Posted on May 03 2021

Room 101 Doomsayer Aggressive Maduro Super Toro

Vitola: 6x55

Smoking Time: 97 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Full

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Various

MSRP: $7.50

Room 101 is one of our favorite boutiques out there. Matt Booth, the founder, blended for Davidoff, and then decided it was time to follow his own path. Booth is a man of many trades, from artist to tobacconist, everything he does is wild and eccentric. He is our kind of dude. “We welcome you to the new Room101.”

Visual Inspection: The wrapper is rather light for a maduro cigar, but it is as oily as one! Veins are very prominent and smooth, which spider web along the whole cigar, making the seams invisible. A sniff of the foot brings a smooth barnyard, vanilla, and cedar.

The cold draw is very similar, but brings spicy flavors to the tongue, which Ecuador is known for. The head cap is durable and did not split when v cutting.

First Third: Quite bold, with notes of apple sauce, cinnamon, barnyard, and black pepper. But it seems to quickly fade, into flavors of coffee, sweet cream and dry earth, all while retaining that very sweet apple body. 
The burn line is exceptional for a stick of this price range, Room 101 knows what they're doing. Ash is a medium grey, is relatively sturdy, and does not flake off when moved. While the cigar fluctuates sub flavors, the strong spice is consistent, starting to lean more towards red chili peppers.

Second Third: Starting this third brings the coffee, apple, sweeter profile which is still met with the red chili pepper, almost chili seasoning flavors. I keep wanting to refer to this cigar as a habano, it is exhibiting many habano-esque flavors and qualities. That being said, it is a mild maduro, displaying a lot of spice. 

The burn line has gotten a little rough, but nothing out of the ordinary, there is no canoeing or alarming dips. Still retaining the same medium grey color, and firmness. A retrohale brings trace amounts of balck pepper and leaves the apple undertones screaming back. The smoke has a very soft body, but still lets you know it is there. Leaving the smoke to linger, brings strong notes of almond and pecans, which resemble that dry feeling in your mouth after eating a handful of almonds.

Last Third: Baking spices are becoming more and more prevalent, cinnamon and cumin are ample and are met with the familiar red chili pepper. Sub flavors of apple, almond, and cedar are still present. The quality of the wrapper leaf demonstrates very high quality characteristics, there is no peeling or cracking.

Burn issues have become more prevalent, canoeing down to the band. As I remove it there is a little F4 on the left side of the band, hidden until removed. I’ll let you interpret that how you will, Booth tends to like adding little hidden messages on the bands, so keep an eye out for those easter eggs!

Final Thoughts: These are undeniable amazing budget sticks, which Room 101 does so well. Matt Booth clearly has a goal in mind, providing amazing sticks for a bargain. From Farce, to The Big Payback, you must check them out. If you like a cigar with mild complexity and sweet & spicy characteristics, this is for you. I would suggest this to anyone who likes habano and maduro sticks, and for smokers of all walks.


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