German Engineered Cigars NN01 Churchill Limited Edition

Posted on February 22 2022

German Engineered Cigars NN01 Churchill Limited Edition

Vitola: 7x48

Smoking Time: 76 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 4

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Undisclosed

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Undisclosed

MSRP: $8.99

German Engineered Cigars was a hit at PCA 2021, and we absolutely fell in love with them. Their blends are both unique and flavorful. The NN line is a limited edition offering, starting out with the NN01, they plan on creating a new blend when the batch sells out. The goal is to create a cigar, that's it. No fancy packaging, no eye-catching band, and most importantly… No bias towards tobacco. For all you, or I, know, this is a cigar rolled entirely of your favorite tobacco. 

Visual Inspection: After cutting open the clear plastic container these cigars come in, after slipping off the cellophane, a beautiful reddish-brown wrapper is revealed. Boasting plenty of tooth and natural oils. There are scattered veins running top to bottom, which make the seams blend in. German Engineered Cigars appear to be very detail-oriented, everything about this cigar is beautiful, as is everything else I have enjoyed from the brand.

A sniff of the cigar brings very mild notes of cedar, caramel, and wheat. After punch cutting this cigar, and a cold draw, I am surprised to find almost entirely sweet flavors. Vanilla, sugar cookies, granola, and a dash of cream, dominate the cold draw. Without further ado…

First Third: I actually did a review yesterday, and I was blown away that a Nicaraguan Puro exhibited the flavors it did. It completely lacked the sweetness I will describe. In my opinion, a “typical” Nicaraguan cigar has a lot of raisin notes, with a touch of chalk-y-ness. That applies to this cigar very much so. After lighting it I was very surprised to get notes of raisin, followed by cinnamon, vanilla, raw kale, and lingering cream. The draw is ample, there is no fighting to get smoke. 

I’m not too pleased about the ash, I am a mere ¾ inch in, and it's looking like it doesn't want to stay on the cigar, ever so slightly blooming. That being said, the burn line is exceptional, razor sharp with a nice light grey color. A retrohale brings cinnamon, raisin, and serrano pepper, rounding out the cigar to a solid medium body. 

Second Third: Despite my concerns, the ash wasn't flaky, it didn't fall, and held well. While the burn line isn't as perfect, it’ll do. NN01 is somewhat lacking in complexity, making up for it with bold flavors, and a perfect medium profile. Cinnamon, wheat, raisin, kale, and cream dominate the profile. There is a touch of spice present, somewhere in between a serrano pepper and cinnamon sticks. It is welcomed, warming, and accentuated by retrohaling. 

As I said, there isn't too much complexity, but this cigar just performs so well. The flavors are crazy bold, the construction is on point, with effortless draw. This is a great morning stick, it pairs very nicely with coffee. It would also be a great cigar to end the day with. 

Last Third: This last third is much like those before. Medium body, great draw, and full flavor. Surprisingly there is no ramp up in body as the cigar dwindles. A perfect option for a new smoker, or an aficionado seeking consistency. A sugary nectar starts to develop on the finish, which helps mute some of the kale notes. This cigar is somehow a perfect balance between a Plasencia Alma Fuerte and a Warped El Oso Blanco. With hints of raisin and sugar, two of the prime tasting notes I get from the two. I tend to be a fast smoker, causing burn issues, hot ash, and typically more issues. None of those issues have happened, I have 2.75 inches left, and don’t have a cone under the ash. It would appear that this was blended to be a time-friendly churchill. I tend to get bored of a full churchill well before the last third. A final retrohale brings amplified notes of cinnamon, cream, and raisins. 

Final Thoughts: This brand is a must try. I have never been let down by either of their 2 blends. If you like consistency and are a fan of a typical Nicaraguan cigar, this is for you. While the tobacco is completely undisclosed, it tastes predominantly of Nicaraguan and Dominican notes. The fuller flavors, and sweetness typically a Dominican cigar brings. Get a box before they sell out, and become a thing of the past. 


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