Warped Chinchalle Robusto

Posted on December 02 2021

Warped Chinchalle Robusto

Vitola: 5x50

Smoking Time: 100 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 5+

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

MSRP: $12.50

Warped has recently released 2 new blends, the Chinchalle and a redux of La Hacienda, the First GrowthChinchalle is Cuban slang for small factory, produced at Tabacalera La Isla, a Dominican factory, owned by a relative of the talented Quesada Family. This is Warped’s first Dominican-Made cigar, and it came at the perfect time. 

Visual Inspection: Right off the bat, the band is absolutely beautiful, the black and gold pops against the milky brown wrapper leaf. There is no shortage of oil present, and can almost be felt. As Warped often does, there is a triple cap that has been very durable in each of my samples. There are plenty of veins present, but only 1 that is slightly unattractive running up and down the cigars. All the rest blend nicely, and appear pleasant to the eye. 

The Chinchalle has ample aromas coming off it, toasted nuts, cinnamon, and dry wood notes are present. After using my v cut, a cold draw brings very sweet hints of vanilla, honey, and peaches, all of which pleasantly caught me off guard. The draw appears to be tight, but there is only one way to find out.

First Third: The sweet notes present themselves very differently when lit, the vanilla and peach flavors have not translated, while green tea, hearty crackers, and a sourdough like punch, have taken over. The draw is ok, smoke production is ample and rather effortless. There is a slight arugula flavor developing that is met with dried fruits, and underlying floral notes. 

The ash appears firm, with nice lines that are consistent. It is dark grey in color, and carries along a very solid burn line. Dominican tobacco typically has a smell, or taste to it that is very recognizable to me. I can smell that there is Dominican tobacco in it, but it is very muted when it comes to flavor.

Second Third: The peach notes from the cold draw are coming back, also bringing cream, and pie crust. In my experience and opinion, this is when the Chinchalle really starts to shine. The retrohale on this cigar is extremely smooth and bursting with cinnamon. When I tried to ash the cigar it did not want to fall off. But after a flick, it falls. 

The burn line is not as clean as it was in the first third, but it does not need a touch up at this time. Peach has shifted around in the flavor profile, not only present on the finish, and it continues to linger long after. Cream, pie crust, vanilla, shortening, and rose, are most prevalent, late in the second third.

Last Third: When removing the band the wrapper peeled off, but revealed a very dark binder leaf. Which was not at all what I would expect to see. Typically Dominican tobacco is lighter in color, with the exception of Fuente Fuente OpusX, and maybe a few scattered brands/blends I’m not familiar with, but this is almost as dark as a BBMF Maduro, and appears to have the same lovely marbling. The flavors are starting to become more bold, with slight notes of char and coffee. The arugula, rose, and pie crust notes have almost dissipated. The retrohale still brings overwhelming hints of cinnamon, with a splash of black pepper. 

Final Thoughts: I am a huge Warped fan, and this was a much needed addition to their portfolio. I am very excited to see what else Kyle can bring to the table, and to further explore his future offerings from this factory. Immediately, from the first Chinchalle I enjoyed, I knew it was box worthy. And each time I enjoy one, It further solidifies that. If you like a medium cigar, with tons of complexity, this is your cigar.


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