Jake Wyatt Fourth Dimension Robusto

Posted on June 28 2021

Jake Wyatt Fourth Dimension Robusto

Vitola: 5x50

Smoking Time: 103 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium +

Wrapper: Habano Rosado

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

MSRP: $11.80

Jake Wyatt’s cigars tend to have a unique design, which is consistent throughout each blend. Each different line features a largely different wrapper, with little consistencies, and all sharing dominican fillers and binders. Being a new boutique from 2 folks who have worked in the retail industry for years, they needed to find something to catch your eye. I havent smoked any of their portfolio yet, but I have heard many good things. 

Visual Inspection: This particular line features 3 candela strips on the foot, which are slightly flaking off. On the head, the same candela, but in a threaded twist that ends with a candela circle. The wrapper is very smooth and oily, making it feel matte-like in texture. The aromas are very strong with notes of barnyard, wood, and earth. There is not much sweetness to the aroma, but still inviting. 

A cold draw is very similar, but has sweetness and a cooling effect. Notes of wood, brown sugar, and a subtle cayenne pepper. There do not seem to be any draw issues, it is quite ample and allows for effortless pulling.

First Third: It is no surprise to me that the candela foot and habano rosado wrapper make for a wild flavor profile. There is a very distinct taste to rosado tobacco, it is very floral, with slight notes of pine. That being said, pine, roses, ground cinnamon, brown sugar, and coffee are the flavors that are most upfront. The mouth feel resembles half and half, in profile, not taste. The smoke is light in weight, but has enough body to remind you it is there. 

While the cigar is still relatively new, the burn line is holding up well. Ash is grey in color and has not fallen yet, at just over an inch. The retrohale is very smooth, with not much strength behind it. However, cinnamon sugar, black pepper, and marzipan linger after exhaling. 

Second Third: The leftover candela flavors have far passed and have been replaced by the obvious wrapper notes which are ever so floral now. The Fourth Dimension has been consistent throughout the whole smoke, which is refreshing especially for a new brand. Lots of oil is coming through the cigar, but not in amounts that plug up the draw.

As I start smoking this cigar faster and faster, it starts becoming slightly bitter, in a spinach-type way. Something I will make a note of so I slow down. The burn line has been very consistent the entire time, as well as the characteristics of the ash. 

Last Third: Starting to grow spicy, notes of black pepper and cayenne pepper from the cold draw are coming forward. All while retaining the floral and sweet notes. As the cigar is fully warmed up the wrapper has become soft except at the band, where it is still quite firm. Simply an observation, it clearly didn't cause and draw issues.

A final retrohoale brings the spice screaming back, as well as the familiar cinnamon and floral notes. The burn line is the best it has been since the beginning of the cigar. After slowing down smoking speed, that bitter spinach taste has calmed down, but is still prevalent. I quite like the combination of flavors, from bitter and sweet, to spicy and creamy. 

Final Thoughts: While there was very little variation in the flavor profile, it was full and didn’t fall flat by any means. Therefore it isn’t a complex cigar, but certainly an amazing first of the day cigar. It’s a muted TCC Yayo, exhibiting the extremely bold flavors of a habano wrapper while staying something you could continually smoke. 


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