Fable Fourth Prime Sapta

Posted on April 05 2021

Fable Fourth Prime Sapta

Vitola: 6.25x54 BP

Smoking Time: 74 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium +

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Binder: Ecuadorian Habano Ligero

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican

MSRP: $10

Fable cigars is a newer brand, one you most likely haven't heard of, but that won't stop them from causing ripples in the industry. Halfwheel named Fable the No 1 New Company of 2016, and they have rightfully earned themselves a handful of other awards from other publications. Blended out of Nica Sueño in Esteli, Nicaragua, you know the quality of these cigars is exceptional.

“Fourth Prime, is the story of the number 7 and the significance it holds in our world. The size names of this compelling series reflect the fourth prime number. Fourth Prime contains a long-filler, medium-full bodied blend of some of the world’s most sought after tobaccos. The triangle logo is a minimalist representation of the fourth prime number – seven. Seven lines that form the letter P when turned sideways.”

I am quite intrigued by the mix of leaves used to craft this cigar, it seems to be an uncommon mix, which makes me all the more excited to review this cigar. I am smoking the Sapta, 1 of 4 different vitolas in the Fourth Prime line. Each vitola has an interesting story behind the name, Sapta… “derived from the Indian cultural term Saptarisi, or Sapta Rishi, meaning “Seven Sages”, prominent religious figures that parallel the traditional Saints of mainstream religion.”

Visual Inspection: This actually appears a bit lighter in color than a P.A. Broadleaf normally would be, however the characteristics are right, a rough veiny wrapper leaf, elegantly disheveled, with upfront sweetness to the nose and a touch of coffee. With a rectangular box press, this cigar is tight, with minimal play to it and a very durable end cap. I have used a punch to cut this, and it gives me a great cold draw, with notes of coffee, cacao, and cedar.

First Third: When toasting the foot, it puts off an aroma of coffee grinds, charred oak and receives the flame very nicely. Flavors were quite muddled at first light, but after 4 minutes it starts mellowing out with notes of coffee, bakers chocolate, and a general nutty flavor. A retrohale shows an earthy, similar to hummus flavor and pepper. 

So far it's not terribly complex, the bakers chocolate and coffee are very upfront, taking command, and making me fight to find other flavors. The ash is a light grey, mixed with yellow, it is loose, but it isn't flaking all over me. While the burn line isn't perfect, it is burning well.

Second Third: As I expected, the coffee and bakers chocolate are still strong, but tannins have appeared in the undertones. It is similar to a cabernet, and is complimentary with the rest of the flavors. It really doesn't resemble a normal P.A. Broadleaf in flavor, which I'd contribute to the binder. The Ecuadorian Habano is really leading the party in this blend, at this point, with pepper and barnyard taking charge, while the coffee and chocolate are still there in the undertones and retrohale.

Last Third: I am pleased with how this cigar has evolved, it has become quite complex, while still staying in it’s medium + profile. Charred steak is taking charge, leaving coffee and bakers chocolate still lingering in the undertones. Cream flavors are ever so slight, and met by a roasted chestnut with charred oak.

I touched up the cigar about 15 minutes ago, and haven't had any problems, other than slight wavering, with it since.The ash has held up very well and has gotten tighter, and has lost its yellow color leaving a light grey.

As the cigar nears its end, the flavors have really developed, turning towards the charred steak, roasted nuts, and charred oak.The sweetness has passed, and pepper has become more prevalent, bringing the wrapper back into play.

Final Thoughts: I am very pleased with these samples, each of them has been consistent in quality and flavor. While I do not seek out box pressed cigars, when I smoke them I’m always happy with the performance, they provide an amazing draw. The Fourth Prime is similar in flavor to some of the best from Black Label Trading Company and their affiliates, as well as a Padron I have recently smoked. First thing, the price point is incredible, the quality is that of a higher priced cigar. For a newer brand, they will definitely be making a splash in the market. I’d highly recommend picking up a 5 pack or a box of these, I'm sure with age, these cigars would be out of this world. For the beginner and the Connoisseur the Fable Fourth Prime would be a great stick to have rotate in your humidor!

- Sam

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