Black Label Momento Mori Corona Limited Edition

Posted on April 19 2022

Black Label Momento Mori Corona Limited Edition

Vitola: 5.5x42

Smoking Time: Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 4

Body: Full

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Binder: Ecuadorian Habano

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $10.50

Black Label Trading Company is a boutique line that specializes in small batch runs. Coming out of Nicaragua, BLTC is one of the many brands from their factory, Oveja Negra.

Memento Mori is not a new blend, it used to be a factory exclusive cigar that you could only get from Oveja Negra. This is the first time anyone can try the blend, without a trip to Nicaragua!

Visual Inspection: I have used a straight cut for today's cigar, and it brings ample airflow. A cold draw brings surprisingly sweet notes of blueberries, coffee, and habanero pepper. 

First Third: I didn't toast the foot, due to the closed foot, after lighting there is a huge blast of fresh cracked pepper. There aren't any hints of sweetness, as the cold draw suggested. Instead it is just in-your-face BLTC flavor. After the first inch, the sweetness comes back, with hints of familiar blueberries, a dark roast espresso, and charred oak. The draw is loose when first taking a pull, but after 2-3, it produces large amounts of smoke and flavor. This is most likely due to a tunnel in the ash, which has yet to fall.

Second Third: The burn line is far from perfect, I would attribute that to the tunnel in the cigar. However the flavors are amazing, and it takes away from this construction flaw (The only one present) Notes of black pepper, oak, blueberries, and a surprising hint of cream on the finish. A retrohale brings subtle notes of char and cream, almost completely lacking spice.

Last Third: The burn line is still “Meh” but the tunnel has burned out, and is providing a tighter draw, that doesn't need to be jump-started, if you will. The flavors are rather consistent, they're not complex by any means. Probably due to the very full bodied nature of it, but the notes that are present are bold and welcoming. 

Final Thoughts: What I love about this cigar, and many others from BLTC, is how full bodied it actually is, but never lacks flavors either. There is a hot sauce company that makes a Blueberry Habanero flavor that this cigar reminds me of almost entirely.


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