Martinez Flatiron No. 6 Maduro

Posted on August 09 2021

Martinez Flatiron No. 6 Maduro

Vitola: 5x52

Smoking Time: 77 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium +

Wrapper: Brazilian

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $13.00

Martinez is one of our favorite boutiques out there. Hand Rolled in New York City in a 500-or-so square foot shop, the products they make are truly special. Founded in 1974, by the late Don Antonio Martinez, and now owned by his son, Jesus. You’ve probably never heard of Martinez before, and that's exactly how Don Antonio wanted it. However times change, and these cigars are too good to not share with the world. Try one of their many blends and see why we have chosen Martinez for many of our special products!

Visual Inspection: I was drawn to this vitola because of its simple shape, a perfect box press. Nicely rectangular with matte textures from the veins and tooth. Unlike a Padron's box press qualities, which are rough, soft, and bumpy, the Flatiron is firm, lacking any soft spots and wrapped neatly. Do not get me wrong, Padron is what it is for a reason. Anyway, the seams on this Brazilian wrapper are very clean, only slightly visible. With strong aromas of barnyard, earth that is reminiscent of forest floor, and coffee beans. 

The head cap is very durable, after using my v-cut, no damage or splitting occurred. Air flow is ample and is not obstructed. A cold draw brings flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, and nuts. However they are muted and take a little searching to identify. There is a chili pepper heat that is left on the lips after a cold draw which is welcoming.

First Third: The flavors are subtle at first, and more coffee-forward. A little searching brings more familiar notes from the cold draw, dark chocolate, walnuts or almonds, and new notes of warm earth that lack any kind of must. It started out rather flat, but is developing slowly. The smoke has a very nice weight to it, which makes up for the simpler flavors from the get go. 

The burn line is slightly wavy, but isn't anything that denotes the quality of the cigar. Ash is semi-loose, and grey in color. With tooth translating to the ash very nicely. Retrohaling is a must with the Flatiron. It adds sweet and spicy notes of Mexican hot chocolate, chili pepper, and baking spices.

Second Third: While the flavors are starting to get more full and spicy, notes of dark rye bread arrive and compliment the chocolate, and cinnamon that are most prevalent. The texture of the smoke has lightened up, overtaken by the new boldness of the flavors. After exhaling there is a heat or spice that lights up the tip of my tongue. However it is not prevalent during the entire pull and does not create an uncomfortable experience. 

After a slight touch up, the burn line is clean but still leaves the ash loose and slightly flaky. While still retaining its new found spicy profile. The smoke coming off of the foot is a blue grey, that is light, while the head is slightly creamier in color.


Last Third: Still gaining in flavor and body, the spice notes have faded, but are not forgotten. They give way to flavorful bursts of coffee beans, bakers chocolate, charred cedar, and earth. A retrohale brings pepper back to the front of the tongue. There is a slight fruity sweetness that doesn't show up often, but when it does reminds me of strawberry candy. 

I didn't think the burn line was bad at any point, but it truly shines in this last third. It is razor sharp, and the ash has firmed up. The retrohale does give my nose a bit of a tickle. Very similar to black pepper. But it doesn’t make for an unpleasant experience. 

Final Thoughts: I have smoked many Flatirons maduro and natural, and I think the No. 6 might be my favorite. The box press is fantastic, and the 52 ring gauge allows you to taste the quality of the wrapper leaf. The mix of the Brazilian wrapper and nicaraguan insides really make this an interesting cigar. On top of that, Martinez Cigars are rolled in NYC, so you're supporting a company that is supporting locals, which I think is awesome!


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