Crux Bull & Bear Robusto Extra

Posted on June 04 2021

Crux Bull & Bear Robusto Extra

Vitola: 5.5x55

Smoking Time: Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Full

Wrapper: Habano 

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $8.50

Crux Cigars was founded in 2014, and has seen quite a few changes throughout the years, from different blends to bands. While still a boutique brand, Crux has a large following that is both loyal and willing to spread the good word around. 

Visual Inspection: The Bull & Bear has a beautiful wrapper, it’s a mix between dark brown, and hot chocolate, with marbling through the whole leaf. It’s absolutely stunning, and reminds me of a BBMF Maduro. This is an interesting vitola, I am a fan of the ring gauge, but not so much the short length. The Atabey Idolos is an example of the perfect vitola, in my opinion. Anyhow, there are veins running the length of the cigar, but are visually appealing. The seams are rather noticeable, but they are sturdy and do not peel back when felt. 

The aroma is welcoming, smooth notes of chocolate, fresh baked bread, and hay. There aren't any soft spots in the wrapper, and the head cap is durable. After using a v-cut, a cold draw brings ample air flow, with no obstructions, and bold notes of honey, coffee beans, and a combination of flavors that are reminiscent of a chocolate chip cookie. 

First Third: Lighting the cigar was a breeze, and immediately brought notes of bakers chocolate, espresso, and a raisin sweetness that was hiding beneath the stronger flavors. While the flavors are staying consistent, they are bold, and have sub-notes that are coming to and fro. A retrohale brings smooth notes of cashew and wood into the profile. 

The burn line is smooth, not razor sharp, but overall ok. Ash is gray in color, and loose but not flaky. Draw is still ample, and unobstructed, which adds to the overall experience. Smoke coming off of the foot is a light gray and puts off aromas of moist earth, and charred oak. 

Second Third: Flavors are starting to develop, gaining notes of cashew which are prevalent without retrohale, nutmeg, whole wheat bread, and oak. The flavor is full, but I happen to think the body leans medium, medium +. Truly a smooth cigar, the smoke is lightweight but has enough body you don’t forget it is there. 

The ash has firmed up, and didn’t want to fall, while the burn line has stayed consistent with little variation. The retrohale has become more smooth, with charred oak still prevalent, cream has arrived and melds with the main flavor profile well. 

Last Third: Overall, there was very subtle fluctuation in the profile, but fluctuation nonetheless. While I would describe this as a chocolatey cigar, you could also say it has more of a coffee profile. At this point chocolate, coffee, cream, whole wheat bread and charred oak are most prevalent. With sub tones of cashew, and raisin. The mouth feel is similar to butter, the flavor isn't there, but the feeling of it is left after exhaling. 

Final Thoughts: I had smoked 2 different crux blends prior writing this, and on my first sample for this review, I was blown away at the price. The quality is unbelievable, and performs like a $20 stick. The marbling of the wrapper is magnificent, I love the inconsistencies in color because it means it hasn't been steamed to be uniform. The Bull & Bear is very consistent, I’m sure you won't be disappointed!


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