Big Sky Cigar Co Mad Minnow

Posted on October 11 2021

Big Sky Cigar Co Mad Minnow

Vitola: 4.75x44

Smoking Time: 38 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 10+

Body: Medium +

Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $5.67

Big Sky Cigar Co. is a new company that is tapping into years of cigar rolling tradition in perhaps one of the least expected places in the US, Montana. Once home to over 100 cigar factories, tobacco is no stranger to this beautiful state. Each cigar has meaning to Montana, and provides you with a glimpse into the past, as Big Sky Says... “Remember the Miners of Butte, the Lumberjacks of our great forests, the Ranchers of the vast Eastern Montana Plains, the Railroad Workers that built our infrastructure. Remember with each draw you are now a part of a Montana Tradition of Cigars.”

Visual Inspection: After receiving these samples, we were intrigued. At that time they were unnamed, and had not been released yet. These little cigars pack a nice punch, despite looks. Draped in a habano wrapper that is traditional in color, with enough oil on it to give it a sheen. I haven’t had any draw issues on the excessive amount of these I've smoked and the construction is always exceptional. Never cracking or bringing any annoyances. The wrapper is rather typical in aroma, very barnyard forward, but also allowing slight notes of baking spices to the nose. A cold draw is subtle and brings relaxing notes of chai tea with a splash of cream. 

First Half: The Mad Minnow is very easy to light, smoke production is immense, and brings flavors of baking spices, walnuts, oak, and cinnamon sugar. A retrohale brings sriracha sauce to the profile, but after a few starts to calm down a touch. For a cigar of this size, the burn line is exceptional, only wavering a bit. There is a green chili undertone starting to pop up, it lacks the green chili spice, keeping the sriracha spice. If you look past the spice that is most prominent you can find a whole slew of undertones. It seems to change with each drag. The ash is surprisingly firm, I ashed it after an inch. Ash is grey in color, and didn’t flake at all. 

Second Half: I anticipate the body ramping up in this half on account of the taper of the perfecto; however time will tell. The spice is still most prevalent, but undertones have switched to be more woody, and yeasty. Oak and dark rye bread are met with familiar cinnamon sugar notes. The retrohale is warm, bringing huge bursts of spice followed by a graham cracker sweetness to the palate. The burn line is quite exceptional for a cigar of this size, and ash is still firm. This half ends much more spicy than the half before. While there are ample sweet notes present the entire time, this is a great example of how Nicaraguan tobacco can make a cigar extraordinary.

Final Thoughts: These cigars are very consistent, while overpowering to some, they are great short smokes. An amazing 45 minute roller coaster ride, both spicy, and sweet. This cigar was highly anticipated when it was released at TPE in 2020, and continues to grace our ashtrays here at Luxury Cigar Club. This is basically a mini Padron, a must try.


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