1502 Black Gold Conquistador

Posted on March 19 2021

1502 Black Gold Conquistador

Vitola: 6x56 BP

Smoking Time: 72 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Full

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $9.96

1502 is owned by Global Premium Cigars, and is known for being their premium choice. Each of their lines are different in each way, and designed to be as such. Offering mild to full smokes, with the Black Gold being their Full Bodied option. Named after the year Christopher Columbus “discovered” Nicaragua, and in part for the riches and flavors of the land that were there. 1502 is a newer company, but one that would like to be known all over, for their quality and unique blends of Nicaraguan tobacco.

Visual Inspection: This is a good looking cigar, boasting a nice box press, a semi closed foot, and draped in a Nicaraguan wrapper that is clean and rustic brown. Veins spider-web all throughout the cigar, and the seams are very obvious but tidy. The wrapper feels thin, so I am careful when feeling for any soft spots. 

The cold draw is very sweet, bringing flavors of honey, roses, and vanilla. The aroma coming off the foot is similar to hot cocoa. I cut my first sample with a double guillotine, and seems to be providing ample draw.

First Third: Starting off similar to the cold draw, it is very sweet, and doesn't show much body. Flavors of oak, vanilla, honey, and cinnamon are very upfront and are met with lingering notes of walnut. While I always believed this cigar had a full bodied profile, I'm not convinced yet. It is light, and lacks depth. However is it truly smooth, and leaves some wiggle room to develop complexity.

Ash is solid, it isn't flaking or drooping, and is grey in color. The burn line is ok at best, but it is windy out, so I will add an update when I smoke my third sample inside. A slight hint of pepper is arriving on the retrohale, and is met by sub flavors of barnyard, and dry hay.

Second Third: So far the flavors aren't strong, it's maintaining it’s smooth approach. However the profile is certainly getting deeper, and moving into the medium + range. Only bringing pepper into play every so often when retrohaling. Hints of cream are arriving on the finish and tie the still prevalent, honey and vanilla sweetness, together. 

The burn line is still rough, due to the wind, but it is only cosmetic, not affecting the experience. Ash is the same consistency, grey in color and not flaking. Black Gold is certainly gaining in profile. Flavors of pepper are coming to the retrohale, and met by familiar barnyard, vanilla, honey, and cream. New notes of crackers are appearing, as well as cinnamon candy, and allspice.

Last Third: While the Black Gold started off medium, it is now definitely full bodied, That of a Viva La Vida or a Plasencia Alma Fuerte. The cold draw and aroma were very chocolatey, which haven’t shown up until the last third. The hot cocoa has arrived, and is complimented by cinnamon, and cream.

This last third is truly full bodied, it took awhile to get here, but it is arriving in full force. The burn line has cleaned up very nicely, now only wavering slightly. Espresso has arrived. And is complimented by strong notes of charred oak, and earth. 

Final Thoughts: This cigar is a true rollercoaster. Starting very mild, and ending as a powerhouse, the Black Gold is not a beginner's stick. While it wasn't consistent, it did not fall flat. When it was mild, the flavors were full, and when it got full, flavors took the back seat. Not something I would hand out to a friend, unless I knew they could handle it, this is a cigar for me. I do not find many cigars box worthy, but I would purchase a box of these, and at the price point, it is something easily afforded.

  • My third sample was smoked indoors, and did not have any burn issues.


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