Tatuaje Surrogates Bone Crusher

Posted on April 26 2021

Tatuaje Surrogates Bone Crusher

Vitola: 5.25x55

Smoking Time: 81 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Full

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $8.50

Surrogates is another brand from Pete Johnson, most notably known for Tatuaje. Each blend in the Surrogates line has its own unique vitola, and name. Very few of the lines have multiple sizes, but exceptions can be made, Animal Cracker has a 5x50 and 6x60 vitola. The line leans towards full bodied cigars, but varies from medium to full. 

Visual Inspection: Very Broadleaf-esque, the wrapper is toothy and dark. A dark chocolate brown, slight marbling, and just enough oil at-a-glance. Veins are minimal and soft when felt, making the seams invisible. The cigar is packed well, and has no soft spots when squeezed. Might I add, this is a great vitola, I think a 55 ring gauge is the best way to experience all aspects of the tobacco.

A sniff of the foot reveals heavy notes of coffee beans, barnyard, charred wood, and chocolate. A cold draw brings muted notes of barnyard and chocolate. The draw seems tight, but only time will tell.

First Third: With an RH of 70% the Bone Crusher received the flame very well. Flavors aren’t terribly strong at first light, with muted tones of dark chocolate, espresso, and wood. The draw is definitely tight, but i’m not having to fight too hard to pull. The smoke is very light, but the body of the cigar is full. As I progress, flavors are still muted.

The burn line is wonky, attributed to the tight draw. The ash is yellow grey and feels firm. Flavors of walnut, espresso, dry earth and a subtle plum push through. As the cigar rests flavors of barbecue sauce surface which is complemented by brown sugar.

Second Third: Finally the flavors ramp up, and the body takes a rest. Strong notes of espresso, dark chocolate, wood, mixed nuts, and brown sugar are in charge. While the flavors are staying rather consistent, the complexity is deep, each note I pick up compliments each other very well.

The ash has darkened in color, now a dark grey. With that, after a touch up the burn line has evened out. There is a strong char flavor pushing through the familiar tones that have stayed consistent. 

Last Third: The flavors have stayed bold since the start of the second third.The flavors are  leaning towards char, and brown sugar, and are met with familiar notes of espresso, wood, mixed nuts, and dark chocolate. The draw never entirely loosened up, while it is better than the first light it is still tight. 

Slight notes of salt and pepper start peaking through the veil of sweet and charred flavors. The salt lingers on the lips and the pepper is prevalent in the nose. A retrohale brings the brown sugar and espresso to. The ash color and burn line have remained the same since my touch up.

Final Thoughts: I have yet to find a Surrogates I don't enjoy, from the Tramp Stamp to the Skull Breaker, each has their own unique profile. Starting off calm, the flavors ramped up quick enough to make this a complex and enjoyable experience. Most Tatuaje starts out the same for me, lacking flavors, but ends as an absolute bomb. If you like progressive complexity and full bodied sticks, this is something you've got to add to the humidor!


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