Powstanie Habano Wojtek “War Bear” 2020 Limited Edition

Posted on March 29 2021

Powstanie Habano Wojtek “War Bear” 2020 Limited Edition

Vitola: 6x52

Smoking Time: 105 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 4

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano, Mexican San Andres

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $13

Powstanie Cigars pronounced “Poh-stan-yah” is the polish word for “uprising.” These cigars are hand rolled at Nica Sueno, the same factory that is responsible for the ever so popular RoMa Craft. Named after the interesting story of a Syrian Bear, turned Polish soldier. This blend is a slightly altered version of the regular production, Powstanie Habano.

Visual Inspection: Beautifully wrapped with a barber pole appearance, the Wojtek is clean milk chocolate brown, and smooth. While veins are very easy to identify, they are smooth and visually pleasing. The head cap is well done, and longer than normal, which I prefer. 

Aromas are dry, with common notes of barnyard, hay, a smooth apple sweetness and floral rose-like hints. A decently complex profile, already. A cold draw brings the same flavors, surprisingly sweet all around. The draw on the War Bear is ample, and not restricted at all.

First Third: The first quarter inch of this cigar was virtually tasteless, which had me worried. The first time I enjoyed it I remember enjoying it thoroughly. And then… Boom. The flavors started blasting me, absolutely smooth and sweet. Strong notes of apple, cream, and cedar. A Retrohale brings the apple sweetness right back. There is a slight bit of pepper lingering after a draw, but it comes off mild because of all the sweetness. 

The burn line is clean and only slightly wavering. The ash is a very nice white gray, appears to be very firm and isn't flaking at all. Smoke coming off of the foot is a slate color, and a bright white off of the head. Over an inch into the War Bear and the ash has not fallen, or showed signs of drooping.

Second Third: The strong sweetness is fading, and starting to develop hints of nuts and amplified bursts of cedar and muted vanilla. Definitely the makings of a complex experience. All-the-while retaining it’s very medium profile, the smoke is very lightweight in terms of mouth feel. The flavors refuse to stay the same for more than a few minutes each time. They bounce around between sweet and creamy, to woody and floral. 

Now I pick up flavors of honeysuckle, cedar, geranium, and vanilla. There is a light toasted potato bread joining the profile. The burn line is incredible, of the likes I haven't seen in a while. Minutes later the profile has changed back to display hints of cedar, pecan, charred wood, and cold brew coffee.

Last Third: Growing in body, the combination of the habano and San Andres wrapper is starting to show its strength. A pepper spice is becoming more prevalent, and met by honeysuckle, vanilla, charred wood, and cream. I have only had to ash the cigar once at this point, but I do see one in the near future, there still isn't any flaking from it. 

While still fluctuating in profile and flavor the only consistencies are the quality and burn line. I am notoriously a fan of a cigar that puts me on a roller coaster ride, and this does just that. Always changing, and always flavorful.

Final Thoughts: I am truly a fan of the Powstanie line, and the cigars that come out of the Nica Sueno factory. The War Bear is unlike most cigars, the small stripe of San Andres really adds something unique to the profile. Overall a creamy and sweet experience there is always a spot for this cigar in your daily rotation. If I were to pair something with this, it would be a light coffee, or strong woody bourbon. I feel these would help compliment the profile of the War Bear. These are hands-down box worthy, and something that will take up space in my humidors rent free.

  • My third sample had ash that was white as snow. But it also came with slight burn issues, the San Andres stripe separated from the rest of the cigar, but still performed exceptionally well.


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