Quesada Casa Magna D. Magnus II Tiberius

Posted on June 21 2021

Quesada Casa Magna D. Magnus II Tiberius

Vitola: 6x54 Eclipse

Smoking Time: 84 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 4

Body: Medium +

Wrapper: Nicaraguan, Cuban Seed, Sun Grown

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $12.15

Quesada has a very strong name in the tobacco industry. Originally bakers from Spain, the family moved to Cuba in the 1800’s. Having no experience in the field, they were paid a debt in tobacco leaves, and decided to have a go at it. Years after, they moved to sourcing Dominican leaves, while still being based out of Cuba until the 1960’s. Quesada has made unique cigars wherever they ended up being. 

A few years ago I was in Austin, Texas and wound up going to a cigar shop off Congress, I was searching for T52 Flying Pigs to give to my Brother. Luckily we found them, and also found a unique looking cigar I had to try. It was the Quesada 40th Anniversary Solomon, which is wildly different, and I haven't quite seen one like it since. Once we got the Casa Magna’s in, I was thrilled. So I have to say this is one of the cigar reviews I have been most excited about. 

Visual Inspection: This cigar immediately catches your eye, it's a interesting vitola, Quesada dubbed the “Eclipse”. A toro cigar, with an oval shape to it. Adored with very nice looking band, and foot band, and finished off with a, “FFOX Purple Rain-Esque” nipple on the head. The cap is substantial, and feels strong, as is the cigar which has no soft spots. 

The wrapper is rustic, with many prominent veins, and a dark brown, marbled appearance. The seams and veins are hard to see unless you look into it, due to the darker and consistent color of the wrapper leaf. A very strong aroma of barnyard, coffee beans, and hazelnut come off of the foot. A cold draw brings notes of baking spices, and chocolate. 

First Third: The draw isn't amazing, it is quite tight right now. As strange as it is to say, the shape of this cigar is very nice, it is very easy to hold in your teeth and overall very comfortable to hold and smoke. Immediately flavors of sea salt, baking spices, fig, and coffee beans are up front. While the flavors are similar to the aroma, and cold draw, they vary just enough. 

The burn line is rough, most likely because of the draw being so tight. The ash is a lovely white, and appears to be holding up well. Flavors are more of the same for now, a spicy, slightly salty, fig newton. A retrohale brings cinnamon and black pepper up front.

Second Third: As we progress, notes of brown sugar, and cashew come too, which compliment the familiar flavors of sea salt, chocolate, and coffee. The draw is sadly, still tough but I keep purging the smoke and messaging the wrapper in attempts to loosen it up. And it appears to have worked! Smoke per toke is much higher than it has been, after a couple jabs with the PerfecDraw

After a touch up and fixed draw issues the burn line tidied up substantially  and brought new flavors of citrus, wildflowers, and a general nuttiness. The ash at the burn line has retained its color, but at foot of the ash it has turned a dark grey, from the period it rested as I cleared the draw issues. The smoke is very warm, but not from burning too hot, probably something that comes with the vitola, as it is relatively thin. 

Last Third: The fig sweetness has faded, and given way to brown sugar, chai tea, and nuts. Not a quickly developing cigar, it is absolutely an ever changing experience. Now living up to its medium + body, there are no lack of flavors. While slight hints of meat peak through the brown sugar notes with amplified blasts of pepper and sea salt on the retrohale.

The burn line is the cleanest it has been at this point. Ash is still very white, and holds up well when the ash is on the cigar. Progressively growing more peppery, the flavors are immense. Pepper is up front, and met with chocolate, earth, and charred meat. 

Final Thoughts: Unfortunately, fun, unique vitolas sometimes bring not fun, frustrating problems. While this is not always the case, it’s inevitable that it will happen to us all. Notably this was the only one out of 4 samples that had a tough draw. So do not write this cigar off as some things need time to get off the ground. And never forget to utilize your tools, I love my PerfecDraw. A subtly complex smoke, this cigar shuffles from flavor to flavor, making it an interesting journey. 


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