United Cigars Series Unidas Hammer + Sickle Corona

Posted on May 28 2021

United Cigars Series Unidas Hammer + Sickle Corona

Vitola: 6.75x46

Smoking Time: 74 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

MSRP: $9

Created in part with Eric Hanson, the late founder of Hammer + Sickle, this cigar was created in 2018, but upon his passing, it was delayed around a year, and released in 2019. Boxes were limited to a mere 300 boxes of 20. We have just received the last of the Hammer + Sickles that were produced, they have around 3 years of age. Series Unidas was started with this cigar, and will be continued with new brands each release.

Visual Inspection: This looks like your typical Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, with the exception of the prominent veins running up the cigar. Less noticeable are the small veins covering the wrapper leaf, in a honeycomb fashion, which I find appealing. The seams aren't very noticeable, unless looked at closely. The cigar is well packed at the head, and halfway through the cigar, but feels loose at the foot and above. A creamy coffee color, screaming aromas of barnyard, tea, leather and mixed nuts.

A cold draw brings subtle and cool notes of vanilla, walnut, and tea.

First Third: I used to smoke a lot of shade grown tobacco until recently, they just haven't fit into my palate lately. With the exception of Atabey, I can smoke those all day, and everyday! And now… The Hammer + Sickle, I smoked one of these with Chris and we said, this needs to be reviewed. Upon lighting, calm and smooth flavors of “Roastaroma” tea are met with walnuts, and almonds. Undertones of vanilla, and cinnamon are lingering. Lately I’ve found shade grown tobacco to be acrid, and “young” in flavor. Most likely the post-roll age has made this exceptional.

The ash is strong and an off white color, with a clean burn line. After ashing my cigar, it has caused it to waver slightly, but such is life. A retrohale brings the vanilla sweetness right back, and adds to the tea I picked up earlier.

Second Third: The smoke is light, hanging right there in the mild + range, but the body of the cigar is gaining in flavor. Slight hints of pepper and pie crust are ramping up the overall profile. The wrapper color is beautiful and has a black ring at the burn line, which provides a nice contrast against the off-white ash. 

Flavors are starting to get sweeter, bringing the mouth feel of banana and notes cream, and that familiar pie crust to the palate. A retrohale brings black pepper and cinnamon back into play.

Last Third: Undertones of black pepper and arugula are starting to linger post exhale, and adds to the complexity of the smoke. The smoke itself is still light, but has just enough to it you don’t forget its presence. The smoke coming off the resting cigar is spicy, and lacks any kind of off-putting aromas. This is something I'd like to smell in the office whenever I can!

The burn line is clean, and only had slight wavering in between the first and second third. Truly exceptional for a cigar in this price range. Notes of tea, walnuts, almonds, wood, hay, and cream are most prevalent as this cigar comes to a close.

Final Thoughts: This is a must try cigar, a beautifully complex medium bodied experience. Something you will want to share, and cherish. I’d like to get a box myself, maybe two, and age one for even longer, and enjoy the other at my pleasure. I am not a fan of the corona-esque vitola, I think they are boring and fall flat, but this has proved me wrong. Never lacking flavors, and always burning well. I paired the Hammer + Sickle with a black donut shop coffee, but if I added some cream to it it would have changed the game entirely.


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