Welcome to CREATE a revolutionary community blend project brought to you by Luxury Cigar Club and manufactured by Tabalacera La Isla.

What is CREATE?

CREATE is a cigar project where you are the master blender! You direct flavor, size, and strength. A cigar for you, by you.

How does it work?

If you join the CREATE Community you will be shipped 5 sample cigar blends that have never been released into the market. You will join the Luxury Cigar team and the La Isla team for a zoom call where we go through the blends and their components. After this step in the process, you will fill out an extensive survey. The majority results of that survey will help La Isla to create the next blend revision. Once these revisions are complete, they will be shipped to the CREATE Community and the process will happen again. This will happen until a final blend is created.

When is CREATE?

Create will start shipping once the community is built. Estimated to be 1-2 months from its release.

What happens next?

Once the final blend is decided on the cigars will go into production! By joining the CREATE Community you will receive the following products:

  • All test blends shipped to your doorstep!
  • Access to all zoom calls.
  • A 5 pack of the finalized test blend.
  • Your name listed on the package

If you are located outside of the United States you must choose the INTERNATIONAL option when adding CREATE to your cart.

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