1502 GPC Cachitos

Posted on October 04 2021

1502 GPC Cachitos

Vitola: 4x50

Smoking Time: 62 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 4 

Body: Full

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran

MSRP: $5.50

Global Premium Cigars (GPC) is a tobacco company out of Nicaragua, and is perhaps most known for their brand, 1502. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to smoke a large amount of 1502, I have enjoyed the Black Gold multiple times (Read the Full Review Here). Upon hearing about the Cachitos I was intrigued, as I tend to like vitolas on different sides of the spectrum. Double Corona and the Petite Robusto, tend to be my go-to’s. 

Visual Inspection: The wrapper on this cigar is very Nicaraguan in appearance, and slightly lighter in color than a Plasencia Alma Fuerte. There aren't any soft spots, and there is a semi closed foot. Veins and tooth are present, with visible seams every few inches. There is a small, candela in appearance, dot at the top of the head, which can be scratched off if you're curious. I can only assume it is for looks. 

Aromas are abundant, and very sweet. Notes of chocolate, pepper, and coffee are very up front. A cold draw brings heavy chocolate and slightly creamy pudding notes. Draw is unobstructed, and should allow great smoke production. 

First Third: As expected this cigar starts off very full. But the sweet notes from the cold draw are not forgotten, there is a definite spice occurring as well. Chocolate is most prevalent, followed by undertones of nutmeg, coffee beans, and dry earth. A retrohale is rough at first, but becomes very smooth after 2-3. 

The burn line is perfectly ok, wavey, but understandable for a cigar of this price range. There is a floral sweetness that is developing, almost rosey. As well as a hazelnut note that melds with the chocolate nicely. Ash is grey in color and the tooth translates well. There is a lot of smoke coming off of the foot, and a decent amount after taking a pull.  

1502 Cachitos GPC

Second Third: Floral notes are starting to be more prominent, and chocolate has taken a back seat. I’m smoking the Cachitos slowly, and after ashing I needed to touch up the burn line due to it slightly going out. Other than that the burn line is consistent. Flavors are predominantly rose, chocolate, hazelnut, charred oak, and baking spices. A retrohale brings subtle cream into the profile. The chocolate notes linger the most after exhaling. 

1502 Cachitos GPC

Last Third: Still performing consistently and exhibiting more or less the same flavors. The body has stayed the same, rather full, with medium flavors. Despite the sizable veins, it did not mess with the burn at all. Flavors are becoming more char forward, still followed up by hazelnut, chocolate, and wood. With rose undertones following up at the tail end. There is a sweet chili pepper that presents itself on the tip of the tongue, and helps warm up the profile.  

I am quite surprised how long this cigar will last if you smoke it slowly. Something that would be a great quick cigar if you're in a rush, or something that you could savor. The ash is still grey in color, and is flaking but not weak. A final retrohale brings cinnamon and cream back into the profile. 

Final Thoughts: If you like what 1502 has to offer, you would love the Cachitos. It performs very well especially for a cigar of this price range. It’s full in body, but also very sweet, so I would feel good giving it to a new smoker or a seasoned aficionado. These are cigars I would love to keep stocked in my humidor, and I hope they continue to produce these bad boys. Pick up a 10 pack and let us know what you think!


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