Padron 1926 Natural No. 1

Posted on June 07 2021

Padron 1926 Natural No. 1

Vitola: 6.75x54 BP

Smoking Time: 117 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 5+

Body: Medium +

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $22.40

Padron is a company that needs no introduction and is deep in tradition. Started in 1964, with a mere $600, Jose Padron credited his hammer “El Martillito”. Working 18 hour days, mowing lawns, doing carpentry work, and saving all of his money, Jose had a dream. Getting back into the rich history of his ancestors, by growing tobacco and blending cigars in their traditional Cuban form.

Visual Inspection: A beautiful milky, nut brown wrapper leaf with veins running the length of the cigar. The seams are visible, but smooth and subtle. With plenty of small veins spider webbing through the entire wrapper. Slightly misshapen, the No. 1 appears to have been rolled tightly making it bulge along the sides of the box press. Which is a very common look for Padrons. There is ample bounce when the cigar is squeezed, but the wrapper feels slightly thin. 

The aroma off of the foot is subtle, and only reveals barnyard and cinnamon. A cold draw brings an amazing amount of air flow, despite how the cigar felt. With it comes notes of honeysuckle, birch, cherry, and citrus. 

First Third: Upon first light, flavors were bold and very sweet, but after fully lighting the stick, the profile changes completely. Having only distant memories of smoking Cuban cigars, but understanding what Criollo and Habano tobacco is characterized as, this cigar is bold and spicy. Bursting with flavors of black pepper, cedar, nutmeg, earth, and walnut. After exhaling all of the smoke, wood and walnut linger for a long time. 

This is a lightweight cigar, something I wouldn’t normally seek out, but the flavors are undeniably pleasant. The smoke is light, but smokey and spicy in flavor. After resting the cigar flavors continue to linger, bringing toasted wheat bread, and half and half to the profile. The ash is a light grey color, and appears to be soft, which I expected due to how the cigar felt.

Second Third: Chop this cigar in half, make it a thinner ring gauge, and you've got yourself a Bits of Havana. It’s wild how similar these two sticks are, a very strong cuban-esque profile of spice and wood. When smoking, the flavors have largely stayed the same, but when it rests, that is when its glory really shows. Flavors of black pepper, black coffee, birch, and walnuts are most forward. With subtle undertones of half and half, citrus, and touch of liquid smoke lingering after exhaling. 

A retrohale brings pepper and wood deeper into the profile. The burn line is clean, but slightly wavey. Slowly getting sweeter which compliments the ever-so-prevalent spice. The sweetness is the same cherry notes that were present in the cold draw.

Last Third: The box press on this churchill was strange, as I said it appeared it was rolled too tight, which was far from accurate. The draw is so ample, which provides an exceptional experience. There is little complexity, but it has changed its profile a few times. What the No. 1 lacks in complexity is made up in consistency. Strong and familiar notes of birch, walnut, coffee, cream, black pepper, and cherry are most upfront.

The burn line has stayed consistent, only wavering slightly, and staying visually appealing. Smoke off of the head is a creamy yellow, and a slate color at the foot. The color of the ash has stayed the same, between resting and active smoking. Stronger notes of walnut and birch are coming through towards the end of the cigar. While the cigar is very loose now, I do not have an issue with it. Whatever it is, the way this cigar was rolled and pressed, and whatever quirks come along with it, make this cigar have great character. Draw is still ample and flavors are immense. 

Final Thoughts: While this cigar is slightly higher on the price spectrum, it provides an amazingly consistent, medium + bodied experience. This is something for everyone especially those “I only smoke Cubans” guys. The spicy, nutty, and wood overtones are so smooth, and are complemented by ever-so-slight sweetness. Padron is a huge brand, which most boutique smokers might look down on, but they are undeniably amazing sticks, and something everyone can enjoy.


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