Gran Habano Persian Queen Gryphon

Posted on June 24 2021

Gran Habano Persian Queen Gryphon

Vitola: 6x60

Smoking Time: 107 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo, Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $6.40

Gran Habano is a boutique brand with a dedicated cult following. With a vast portfolio and simple branding, the Persian King/Queen line is striped down to the absolute basics. Plain cabinets of 50, no bands or cellophane, and packaged in loose tobacco leaves, they rely only on how the cigars perform. If you like a cigar that is as simple as it gets, at a budget price, and performs like an ultra premium, the Persian line is a must try. 

Visual Inspection: The Persian line all features closed, twisted foot cigars, finished off with a different color leaf. In the case of the Persian Queen it is a natural foot cap that is darker than the Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf used for the barber pole. There are no soft spots when I squeeze the cigar, and it's rather appealing for a stick of this price point. There are plenty of veins present, but are smooth and look quite appealing. 

The aroma is strong, and barnyard dominant, with undertones of earth and cedar. I’m not going to bother with a cold draw, on account of the closed foot. After using a risky cut, the crown cut, my cigar has no splitting.

First Third: I used a cedar spill to light my cigar, and it took the flame very well. From the first light the flavors haven't been abundant, but provide slight hints of barnyard, vanilla, honey, and cedar. At this point, the Ecuadorian half of the barber pole is where the flavors are coming from. There is a slight lingering spice, which becomes stronger on the retrohale. Quite a nice addition to the sweeter flavors.

The burn line is perfectly ok, wavering and dips have occurred and seem to be beyond self-correction. The ash is off white, and loose, but it is stacking nicely.

Second Third: The flavor profile has changed very much, now it is showing off the Nicaraguan tobacco that predominantly controls the overall make up. Cinnamon is upfront, and is followed by undertones of pepper, cedar, and the slightest hint of familiar sweetness. I would imagine that the initial sweetness is from the different leaf that covered the foot. Something commonly said by Gran Habano fans.

There are some bitter notes that linger after exhaling, not quite an acrid, off putting bitter, but more towards arugula, or unripe berries. As expected, the bitterness has faded enough, bringing the last set off flavors even more forward.

Last Third: The burn line cleaned itself up, despite my doubts. Now rather thin, and with that brought a more firm ash, but still one I get rid of once it is long enough. Flavor profile is changing, and grows more yeasty, with coffee undertones. All while retaining the subtle sweetness, pepper, and cedar. 

Final Thoughts: For a stick of this price point, you can't beat the Persian line. Even being a Gordo, the tobacco used is very high quality. There was little bitterness, which faded swiftly. Overall this cigar is very similar to the Clown Corojo from Danli Honduras. The different end cap is a nice touch and helps bring you into the peppery, woody profile that Nicaraguan tobacco brings. Pick some up and try for yourself!


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