AJ Fernandez

AJ Fernandez Cigars is a family-owned Nicaraguan Cigar manufacturer, who has been and still is acclaimed as on of the greatest cigar families of all time. Producing nearly 50 million cigars a year for many brands other than his own, AJ Fernandez is no stranger to premium cigars, premium tobacco, and premium manufacturing. We are extremely excited and honored to be able to work with AJ and to be able to sell AJ Fernandez cigars online.

AJF cigars are well known for their affordability, and high quality. Some of our favorite offerings are Bellas Artes Maduro featuring a gorgeous Brazilian Mata Fina Wrapper, and a delicious Mexican San Andres binder. The Enclave Broadleaf is another favorite among the staff here at Luxury Cigar Club, and we would be remiss not to mention the New World Connecticut line! AJ does not produce much in his core line by the way of limited editions, but every single one of his core line offerings are a wonderful experience and warrant a smoke.

If you have never had the opportunity to try AJ Fernandez cigars you are missing you and these well priced, perfectly produced cigars are a must have for any true cigar smoker. Make sure to keep an eye out for Luxury Cigar Club unique AJ Fernandez samplers! Get notified by joining our Text Club.

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AJ Fernandez Dias De Gloria
From $45.45 - $242.40
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AJ Fernandez New World Cameroon
From $29.78 - $157.56
Sold Out
AJ Fernandez New World Oscuro
From $21.01 - $176.04
AJ Fernandez Ramon Allones
From $60.60 - $303.00
AJ Fernandez Enclave Habano
From $40.40 - $191.90
Sold Out
AJ Fernandez New World Dorado
From $55.55 - $129.28
Sold Out
AJ Fernandez San Lotano Bull
From $45.45 - $202.00
Sold Out
AJ Fernandez Last Call Maduro
From $151.50 - $181.80
Sold Out
AJ Fernandez Last Call Habano
From $146.45 - $171.70