Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley was started by Alan Rubin in 1996. Rubin named his brand after his two sons, Alec and Bradley. Alec Bradley is a large company, now selling upwards of 2, to 3 million cigars a year. However, it wasn’t always like that, as they started in 1996 close to the tale end of the 1990’s cigar boom. When the 2000’s came around Rubin found himself deep in debt and with plenty of cigars. Searching for someone to partner with that could bring retail cigar expertise to the company. Alan Rubin enlisted the help of industry professional Ralph Montero.

Alec Bradley is now run by Rubin, and his two sons, who have their own division called Alec & Bradley. Luxury Cigar Club highlights the Gatekeeper, a delicious blend of Ecuadorian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobacco. The Gatekeeper was made in collaboration with EP Carrillo. If you’re looking for a limited-edition cigar, the Fine & Rare series is for you. Varying each year, these cigars are produced in small batches, rolled in Honduras, and use tobacco from numerous countries. Luxury Cigar Club is proud to bring you the best cigars Alec Bradley offers for sale online. Make sure to keep an eye out for rare and limited-edition releases! Get notified by joining Luxury Cigar Club’s Text Club.

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