Aladino proudly creates classic cigars. They focus on creating something that stands out, by rocketing you back to a time, when Cuban cigars were at their best. Aladino believes their cigars are the closest to those of the 1940’s and 1960’s Cubans.

Aladino comes from JRE Tobacco, a brand made by Julian Eiora. The Eiora family has been growing cigar tobacco for many generations. They are praised for their unique Cuban Seed Corojo grown in Honduras. Aladino cigars exhibit a smooth medium body, with traditional tasting notes of earth, cream, vanilla, and a one-of-a-kind mouth feel.

Specializing in traditional blends, and cigars, Aladino does make cigars for modern enthusiasts, offering Gordo's as well as maduro cigars.

If you are looking for a classically flavored cigar, that comes yearly as a limited release, the Corojo Reserva Limited Edition is the line for you. It is a Honduran puro, that was limited to 1,200 boxes of 20 and released in 2021. It features tobacco that has been aged for 4-5 years.

The Aladino Connecticut is a fan favorite, that comes in a handful of vitolas. A must for Connecticut cigar enthusiasts.

While their blends typically focus on traditional corojo, you can find offerings wrapped in African Cameroon, a rich oily maduro, and many more to choose from.

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Aladino Corojo Reserva
From $63.13 - $292.90
Aladino Connecticut
From $36.87 - $195.94
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Aladino Corojo
From $58.08 - $232.30
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Aladino Cameroon
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Aladino Classic
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Aladino Maduro
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