Raching Humidors

Raching is China’s leading manufacturer in wine coolers and cigar humidors. Raching has been creating world-class humidors since 2004, focusing on consistent, reliable, temperature and humidity control. Their C Serie humidors use either Canadian Cedar or Spanish Cedar shelves and interior wood to provide the best experience, based on your preference. MON Series humidors come in Golden and Black color, with Spanish cedar interior, with the option of an ammonia gas removal system.  These humidors are offered in 2 colors, varying between their C series and MON Series.

Raching offers a wide variety of sizes, humidors that hold up to 600, or 1,800 cigars. These humidors feature top-of-the-line temperature and humidity control technology. Using vertical air cooling to humidify the humidor, and a LCD screen to allow for easy control. Raching prides themselves in their exceptional quality and modern look. The sleek lines, and modern colors make these humidors a worthy centerpiece in your house.   

If you’re looking for the best humidors on the market, look no further.

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