Stolen Throne

Stolen Throne Cigars is doing an amazing job at stealing the throne. Although they have not been on the market for long, they have made an immense impact on the boutique premium cigar space. Offering currently only three blends, they have focused on quality, flavor, and passion. Not mass-produced high volume, low cost products. Working with Noel Rojas a true master in the industry, Stolen Throne offers one of Luxury Cigar Clubs best selling Mexican San Andres wrapped cigars. The Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown. This cigar was also the first release from the boutique.

The other cigars in the line are the Call to Arms and the Three Kingdoms. Both blends were received as well as the Crook of the Crown. While Stolen Throne is not the largest name in cigars, it is one of the most coveted among cigar aficionados, and collectors alike. Like many newer brands on the market the Stolen Throne Packaging is understated and simple. This helps with price, both for you the smoker and for the brand. But do not let the simple packaging scare you, each one of these blends packs a massive punch of flavor and quality.

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