El Septimo Cigars: A Journey Into Exquisite Luxury

Posted on May 09 2023

Buy El Septimo Cigars Online Luxury Cigar Club

El Septimo Cigars: A Journey Into Exquisite Luxury

Buy El Septimo Cigar Accessories Online Luxury Cigar Club

Sublime craftsmanship, unparalleled taste, and an aura of sophistication – El Septimo Cigars embodies all these qualities, offering a smoking experience beyond compare. This blog post delves into their remarkable origin, premium materials, and exquisite blends, paying homage to these distinguished creations.

A Storied History:

Born from passion and dedication to excellence, El Septimo cigars are hand-rolled at the prestigious Tabacos de Costa Rica. Established in 1997, this facility is one of the finest factories and works with companies like Selected Tobaccos (Atabey, Byron, and Bandolero), Casdagli & more. Their collaboration with El Septimo adds another feather to its illustrious cap.

Select Materials for a Unique Experience:

El Septimo Tobacco Luxury Cigar Club

Sourcing tobacco leaves from diverse regions, El Septimo ensures its cigars boast a distinct character. Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, rich flavors, and vibrant notes form part of this exceptional palette. Ecuadorian Habano wrappers, known for their smoothness and delicate aroma, further elevate these cigars to a luxurious level.

Masterful Blending:

El Septimo Cigars Being Rolled Luxury Cigar Club

El Septimo's blending process is an art form, with a meticulous attention to detail that sets it apart. Master blenders select only the finest leaves, ensuring a perfect marriage of flavors and textures. Aging each tobacco leaf to perfection, they create cigars that tantalize taste buds and leave connoisseurs yearning for more.

Luxury Collections:

El Septimo offers a range of splendid collections, with over 40 blends in their portfolio, each with unique characteristics and flavor profiles. Let us journey through these magnificent creations.

Diamond Series

El Septimo Diamond Collection Cigars Online Luxury Cigar Club

Exclusivity and elegance define this series. With each cigar expertly hand-rolled using the finest materials, Diamond Series cigars are a testament to luxury. Limited edition and made with precision, they make for a memorable indulgence. Diamond Collection consists of Black Diamond, Topaz Diamond, Sapphire Diamond, Dark Ruby Diamond, and Esmerelda Diamond

Gilgamesh Collection

El Septimo Gilgamesh Cigars Online Luxury Cigar Club

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Sumerian king, these cigars evoke a sense of power and authority. Blended with rare and aged tobaccos, Gilgamesh Collection cigars provide an intense and full-bodied experience for seasoned aficionados. This collection has three blends, Aqua Anu, Sable Smash, and King Sargon, and is excellent for beginning your El Septimo journey.

Alexandra Collection

El Septimo Alexandria Collection Cigars Online Luxury Cigar Club

Alexandra collection consists of two blends, Coco and Marilyn. Both blends in this collection are specifically blended with the female cigar enthusiast in mind. Boasting a light to medium-bodied profile, these cigars are perfect for those who appreciate a delicate and subtle smoking experience, regardless of gender.

Emperor Collection

El Septimo announced a new line at 2022's PCA Tradeshow, the Emperor Collection. Six of the cigars in the collection use an undisclosed Connecticut wrapper, which is brand new to the company, with the rest using an undisclosed Maduro wrapper. As for the cigars insides, all we know is they use a four-country mix of tobacco from all over the world.

Sacred Arts Collection

El Septimos Sacred Arts Collection pays homage to everything beautiful in the art world, tributing cigars to Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and more classic painters. Each cigar boasts a unique blend of internal tobacco. Sacred Arts is one of Luxury Cigar Clubs best-selling cigars.

Want to try everything in this collection? Try the Saint Andrews sampler!

Exquisite Accessories:

No luxury cigar brand is complete without accessories that match its caliber. El Septimo offers a range of stunning accompaniments, each crafted with the same dedication to quality as their cigars. From metal cigar holders with built-in cigar holders to exclusive leather cases.

Cigar Cases

Buy El Septimo Cigar Case Leather Cigar Accessories Online Luxury Cigar Club

Handmade using premium leather, these cases exude sophistication. An essential accessory for any cigar enthusiast, they protect cigars while showcasing a refined style. From Ostrich skin to crocodile, there is something for everyone.

Cigar Cutters

Buy El Septimo Luxury Cigar Cutters Accessories Cigars Online Luxury Cigar Club

Precision is vital when cutting cigars; El Septimo's cutters are designed with this in mind. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, they always provide a clean and precise cut. El Septimo crafts punches, pokers, and guillotine cutters coupled with cigar cases, based on your preference.


Buy El Septimo Cigar Ashtrays Online Luxury Cigar Club

An elegant ashtray is an indispensable part of a cigar aficionado's collection. El Septimo's ashtrays, made from crystal or ceramic, boast exquisite designs and impeccable craftsmanship. Need a jumbo-sized ashtray? This ashtray is over 8 inches wide and perfect for your next party.


Buy El Septimo Luxury Humidors Cigar Accessories Online Luxury Cigar Club

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining cigars' quality, and El Septimo's humidors are ideal for this purpose. Made from fine wood, these humidors are functional and stylish, ensuring cigars remain in perfect condition. Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs, from large (70 Cigars), to medium (50-60 cigars), and small humidors (40 cigars).

Experiences and Events

El Septimo Launch Party Cigars Buy Online Cigars Accessories Luxury Cigar Club

El Septimo goes beyond just offering premium cigars – it creates memorable experiences for its clientele. With exclusive events, tastings, and workshops, it fosters a sense of community and shared passion among cigar enthusiasts.

In conclusion, El Septimo Cigars represent the epitome of luxury and sophistication in the world of premium cigars. With their storied history, dedication to quality, and exceptional offerings, these cigars and accessories provide an experience that transcends the ordinary. Discover the world of El Septimo and indulge in a journey that will leave a lasting impression.

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