2020 Luxury Cigar Club Top 5 - #1 Viva La Vida Club 500

Posted on January 19 2021

2020 Luxury Cigar Club Top 5 - #1 Viva La Vida Club 500

2020 Luxury Cigar Club Top 5

Many publications, shops, businesses, and clubs are announcing some version of their top 10, 20, or 25 cigars of the year, and we figured we would voice our opinions, and create our own list as well. The Luxury Cigar Club team has spent the last few weeks debating the top 5 cigars released in 2020, and somehow, managed to come to an agreement!

 We based our choices on the following metrics:

  •       Construction
  •       Consistency
  •       Flavor
  •       Released in 2020

We hope you enjoy our selection, and be sure to watch for the sampler!

#1 Viva La Vida Club 500

Vitola: 6x60 BP

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $13.80

The Viva La Vida Club 500 is a limited-edition release of the popular Viva La Vida line which is produced by AJ Fernandez and blended by Billy and Gus Fakih of Artesano Del Tobacco. Billy and Gus are no strangers to the cigar world, having owned one of the best lounges in the heart of New York City for years. After the sale of The Cigar Inn, the brothers set out to create the masterpiece that is today known as Viva La Vida. Although the Club 500 is not the best Viva La Vida ever (Cough, Luxury Cigar Club Lancero, Cough), it is the best one released in 2020. The cigar is named so in order to celebrate the first 500 retailers that took on the Viva La Vida line at the launch of the brand.

The Club 500 is a big 6x60 box press, with a secondary limited-edition band, and it delivers every bit of flavor found from the core line, with a unique smoking experience that only a box pressed cigar can deliver. With perfect construction and using some of the best tobacco on offer by AJ Fernandez, The Club 500 delivers an EXTREMELY consistent smoking experience. Every stick that is lit smokes like the last.

This cigar landed in first place on our top 5 list simply because it seems to be a go-to among the Luxury Cigar Club team, and because we could not put the Viva La Vida Lancero on the list, so we went with the next best thing!


  • Gracie Rodriguez: January 25, 2023

    Viva La Vida by AJ Fernandez …..Had this beautiful, tasty cigar last night. Looking into purchasing more. Flavors of cinnamon, chocolate and cedar. I wanted seconds.

  • Sam: January 24, 2021

    Great sticks

  • Rocky Peck: January 19, 2021

    Really enjoyed the Viva La Vida Club 500 we got in the club box a few months back. Hopefully, you guys will be able to get some more. Great stick.

  • Jarrett Wynton: January 19, 2021

    Hmmm I’ve heard a lot about that stick never had it … I’m waiting to see if they will put it in the monthly box before I buy a pack.

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