Attn: Dutch Brothers Coffee, Please Sponsor Me

Posted on November 15 2021

Attn: Dutch Brothers Coffee, Please Sponsor Me

I do not post here that often, but I had too for this specific pairing that I just happened across. About 3 months ago Kellie, one of the Luxury Cigar Club Team Members, Coffee and Bourbon person extraordinaire, and all-around amazing person, suggested I try something I had never heard of from Dutch Brothers. It was called a White Coffee Annihilator. I will be honest I had no idea what white coffee even was, but when Kellie suggests something, you do it. Since that day it has been my go-to, “drive through coffee order”.

I promise this is going somewhere. Early in my cigar smoking I came across an unassuming cigar on the bottom shelf of a humidor somewhere in Phoenix, I cannot even recall where. It was a gorgeous 6.25x52 with a super dark and oily wrapper, in a cabinet of 50. It had no band, but it did say LFD on the side of the box. Some of you may know what cigar I am talking about already. Since then, this cigar has been represented in the Luxury Cigar Club Platinum box, and is starting to make a name for itself in the LCC community. The La Flor Dominicana Cabinet No. 5 Maduro is the best cigar ever produced by LFD. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is gorgeous, smooth, and oily. The Dominican binder and filler blend plays the perfect chorus to this Broadleaf wrapper. 

The cigar itself smokes wonderfully, construction is as you would expect from LFD, perfect. The Cab. 5 Maduro is sweet, with an amazing mouth feel. Once lit it delivers flavors of leather, baking spices, chocolate, and that sweetness is present through the whole smoke.

The point of this post is to first say that the combination of the Cab 5. Maduro and the Dutch Brother White Coffee Annihilator, is in my book, the new power couple of the cigar pairing world. There is not one pairing that I have experienced that goes together as well is this. The second point of this post is this:

To Whom it May Concern @ Dutch Brother Headquarters,

I humbly request an ample supply of White Coffee Annihilator for research and marketing purposes. You have significant opportunity in the Cigar pairing world. 

Your Customer,


All jokes aside, this is such an amazing cigar, and I am happy to add that we have been voted one of the best places to buy cigars online by these guys! Go check out the article its worth a read!

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  • BearCatmaximus : February 21, 2022

    Thank you for a great story and parring suggestion. I personally found most of Dutch Bros. Drinks to be heavy on the milk and sugar with very little coffee. However, based on you description of the “White” coffee and how well it pairs with the Cab 5 I am going straight there tomorrow. Only question I have is was it hot or cold? 😁🐻

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