July 2021 Platinum Cigar Subscription. What's in the Box?

Posted on July 06 2021

July 2021 Platinum Cigar Subscription. What's in the Box?

What is in the Box

July 2021 Platinum Cigar Subscription from Luxury Cigar Club

This month was a unique month for the Luxury Cigar Club Platinum box. As many of you know the Platinum Cigar Subscription Box was the first one that we ever shipped, and always has been our baby, one might even call it our favorite. I think this is a major reason why it is always sold out! I wanted to take a deep dive into the cigars we chose and kind of why we chose them for this month.

The first thing that our Platinum members will notice is a couple of bonus sticks in this months shipment! Everyone received a bonus United Firecracker, and RoMa Craft CroMagnon Pestera Muierilor. From time to time, we are known to throw something extra in just to say thank you to our club members, or to celebrate a special holiday. This July we included these sticks and shipped the boxes early, so that everyone could come together on the 4th of July and smoke something in common with the rest of the Luxury Cigar Club family!

The rest of this box was business as usual. The most expensive cigar in this months box was one from a fantastic boutique that is not new, but is new to Luxury Cigar Club. The Patoro Gran Anejo Reserva Churchill. Patoro was founded in 2001 by Patrik Jonas Martin after working at Davidoff for 13 years as a product manager. Martin Partnered with 6th generation tobacco farmer Agusto Reyes in the Dominican Republic to grow their leaf. The Gran Anejo was the first release from Patoro and was met with great acclaim. This medium bodied cigar exhibits exceptional draw and rich aromas. Topped off with abundant flavors of earth, cocoa, and roasted nuts, the Gran Anejo is complex and masterfully created.

I have had the pleasure of smoking through much of the Patoro line, and am happy to let you all know that Patoro will show up in the Luxury Cigar Club Subscription again!

The next stick I wanted to highlight from the July 2021 Platinum box is the La Flor Dominincana Cabinet No.5 Madruo. This cigar is easily one the best cigars that LFD produces, and a cult favorite among the Luxury Cigar Club staff and family. This cigar is produced in limited quantities throughout the year, but Litto Gomez agreed to make a special production just for Luxury Cigar Club. This cigar specifically is unique from most of the LFD offerings. Litto Gomez is known as the King of Ligero, for his working brining full bodied, spicy, cigars out of the Dominican Republic, which rival those of Nicaragua. This cigar does not have any Ligero in it, while still full body it offers a much smoother experience compared to some of the other LFD cigars.

There are a few other cigars that shipped in this box, but these two above were the most noteworthy for me. If you haven’t tried any of them make sure to hop on over to the shop and get some ordered! Thanks for checking in with us!



  • Jared Knowlton : July 18, 2022

    The 3rd however was an absolute crap.. Constant relight,oversize,just not an enjoyable experience.

  • Jared Knowlton : July 18, 2022

    Received my core membership the chicken and velvet from room 101 we’re amazing definitely like the chicken the best.

  • joe: January 01, 2022

    new my friend Jake love this clubs,I joined as pallium so far love each smoke I’m in to dark cigars and have been smoking for 53yrs. thanks again

  • Amos: September 03, 2021

    Fellow Aussie here and I am so glad this club exists. Everything in this site really are a bang for your buck and your int. shipping rate is a godsend to boot.

  • Williams Jason: July 27, 2021

    Just received the July 2021 Platinum Cigar Subscription..
    presently surprised by the quality and rage of
    Cigars in this months box .
    Here in Australia it is very hard to come by regular sticks let alone the ones you send out .
    Keep them coming !

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